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Good essay about custom database for cancer navigation

The cancer patient navigation was developed to help solve the problem of detecting the late and adverse stages of cancer that resulted to death of the patient. It was established to rid of obstacles that made it difficult to reach the doctors in time, to make medical payments when due and since breast cancer was common it helped doctors to development managerial skills and a duty of care upon the diagnosed patients. The patient navigation was to be used as a guideline map to patients so that they may not get lost while seeking medical attention. Patients navigation helpsto improve the time needed in screening a patient and makes up follow ups in case of some complications. Patient navigation is seen as a solution for previous medical challenges.
In the diagrams under vision and scope document, the diagrams show how the custom database for patient navigation is practically in use. The diagram tries to outline clearly every stage and activity that happens in the whole navigation process. The patient navigation process involves booking of appointments that may also be cancelle, patient’s consultations with the doctor and doctor’s follow-up of the patient’s condition. The doctor maintains the medical documents and records of the patients which is more of paper work. This is now being alternated by use of custom database which electronically records and stores a patient’s medical records and are available when need be. The use of the patient’s navigation enables controlling and calculating the hours used to undertake the cancer screening or any treatment offered to the patient. The database recording reduces on the paperwork needed to write the medical status of the patient.
Diagram 1 shows two major processes that happen once the patient visits the health facility; the patient presents information of his or her medical attention to the navigation nurse whereby the nurse manages patient’s medical information and the records. The patient makes known his medical situation to the navigation nurse; he or she communicates the feeling of the illness and all he or she feels. The navigation nurse is then tasked with analyzing the patient’s medical information he has gotten, view them and create factual information to record the medical status of the patient. This information will be useful to create medical records for the patient that will be used for reference when needed.
The navigation nurse is also in a position to create tasks concerning the medical information communicated. These tasks are to do list of how the nurse will undertake to screen the patient as well as the timing and the treatment to diagnose the patient .The nurse need analyze the task critically and rationally manage the medical records he or she has come up with for the future use by him or the patient. The medical records are then uploaded and securely stored where the information cannot be distorted at all.
The patients’ information through communicating with the navigation nurse is essential for system operation as it is from this communication that the nurse will create information and tasks for the patient’s medical records.
In the second diagram, the patient books for an appointment to meet the doctor for medical checkup. however, the navigation assistant is tasked with requesting the nurse to meet the patient. The navigation assistant manages the appointment while the navigation assistant manages the consultation meeting that he or she will have with the patient. The patient will consult the nurse and will get recommendations on better ways to take care of his or her health. The nurse will analyze the patients’ situation and create a record of his findings and recommendations, as well. He will also prescribe for drugs if necessary, further treatment or postpone the appointment to a later date. The navigation nurse, on the other hand, having made arrangements of the appointment, he or she will ensure that there are analyzes of the appointments and outcomes of the appointments are well stipulated and clear. The assistant is in a subordinate position to the navigation nurse and will always report to him or her.
In this second diagram, the entity’s priority is that, it would add some small, but real or perceived value to the system’s users or stakeholders. This is because the patient or the nurse does not necessarily have to meet; they can as well communicate through email or a website that serves as a social networking site. The appointments can be made directly to the nurse through patient – doctor interaction through a website portal. This will make the patient unlimited to conversing with the doctor whom he wishes to get treatment.
These two systems have a scope limited to cancer patients so as to specifically offer health care that is timely and coordinated. They will be able to detect the cancer when it is in early stages rather than late stages that will result to ultimate death and no cure. The work; outlined by the diagrams is implementable in four phases. The patients communicate to the navigation nurse and out of that the nurse can draw conclusions and manage tasks inform of medical records tr5hat he or she should store in a secure place and maintain proper records for the patients. The patient can also make appointments easily and directly to the nurse or if required through the navigation assistant and who will manage the appointments while the nurse manages case consultations with the patient.
The system will incur some cost when installing it in hospitals; they require electricity as they being customized database. They require manpower and maintenance costs are also incurred once the system is in place. The system requires personnel that are up to date with the technology as it keeps on changing and need be skilled to facilitate the best use. Lots of documentation of medical records and meeting with clients to explain to solve their medical issues is an expense that the management of hospitals will have to face.
The system may be faced will a few challenges such as loss of data in case the system is hacked into or unskilled workers mishandles or distorts the information contained in it. Another challenge is interim examination of the patients or interviews and people will be jobless during such times as holidays or leaves or weekends. The system is a good investment and will improve the medical care to cancer patients as they will receive quality attention and will have reduced delays.

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