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Good essay about e-training and gamification

Nowadays the modern approaches in HRM cannot dispense with new technologies related to the Internet expansion. According to Welbourne, “Human resource management (HRM) is a field that historically has been inundated with paperwork and bureaucracy. Thus, the promise of e-HRM was to help streamline core HR process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency” (p. 1). If the manager wants to follow the contemporary tendency, he cannot help drawing much attention to the particular keys – HRIS, e-competencies management, e-learning, e-recruiting – definitely these milestones dignify the right approach in HRM. In general, we may separate out the e-training that comprises a widerange of methods which become in hand powerful tools of efficient management. Next comes a discussion of virtual room, Google App, video conference, webinars and gamification.
Webinars, real-time benchmarking and social networking combining with a traditional teaching turn out as the typical approaches for the most of the managers. Especially IT firms are looking for the HR manager with this competence – like a sensible application of these methods. The point is that many departments follow the principle of agile methodology. Besides these firms, being the probationers in extreme programming, require efficient and professional training related to the e-HRM. According to Welbourne, “These Fast HRM tools and processes, using a development cycle based on extreme programming, are examples of moving from e-HRM to Fast HRM” (p. 2).

Social Networking

In spite of widely used webinars, we cannot help drawing much attention to the social networking that foresees the separate environments (rooms) for each team. Nowadays the social media is under the influence of segmentation, thus there are created new networks for programmers with special virtual rooms for training. HR manager is fully obligated to organize the process of education due to these methods regarding the all tools of this virtual environment.

Google Apps

Depending on the type of company, HR managers have to follow the particular strategy. For instance, there are many companies hire employees worldwide; therefore, the process of education should be reconsidered. Google Apps turn out as a complex solution aimed to gather the staff in one virtual room regardless their location. Employees may work with the same document in the same instant. This aspect makes work really easy and efficient.

Virtual Classrooms

The mentioned above virtual classrooms are the most efficient way for e-HRM. The advanced manager is considered to implicate all necessary tools, designing the appropriate virtual environment. Surely, they cannot provide training with face-to-face conversation and other type of interaction, but they have obvious advantages. According to Mangal (2009), “the classrooms capable of replacing partially or totally the conventional educational, evaluative and administrative functioning of regular classroom by adopting the computer and ICT technologies” (p.774). The videoconferencing as the major component of these technologies is widely used not only for the interview, but for e-training as well. For instance, managers used to lead this conference for the purpose of check-up of security knowledge that is characteristic for IT firms. Besides the methods it should be noted the most powerful key of e-HRM – gamification.


There are many unbelievable stories about the significance of gamification involvement, but the facts speak for themselves. There are two major applications of gamification – for motivation and recruitment. None of the mentioned methods can motivate employees as gamification does. Kris Duggan (2013) has described a great instance of it, “Deloitte has gamified its Deloitte Leadership Academy, a program that delivers lessons from world-renowned business schools (such as Harvard, Stanford, and so on)” (Gamification in HR, para. 1). The main goal was to complete one educational program. Due to gamification, executives were lucky to increase the motivation of employees. The main task was to find the correspondence between game and business processes.
The typical application of gamification foresees some keys – rewards, visualization of development, badges, level and point – all these characteristics turn usual work process into a game. Gamification is regarded as a new phenomenon aimed to improve not only the business, but education as well. The future of this notion strictly depends on the right application of game techniques regarding the goals of HRM.


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