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Success of any business relies on employee competency, which is through several measures intertwined with effective planning. Developing an effective employee program is very important part of this process that looks into imparting skill and effective delivery of the work. A training program gives several benefits for both the employee and the company. Design of a two day training program for a group of 20 Info Age Solutions employees is the main focus in this paper. The training program proposal concerns the improvement and conveyance of a preparation program for all new directors of the business by Info AgeSolutions. Likewise included are preparing proposals for directors, current managers, furthermore representatives to gain pertinent variants of the materials proposed for new directors. Profitable info ought to be assembled in readiness for a more focused on the proposal from an arrangement of unique meetings with chose parts of the business initiative inferred by your administration. The purpose for these meetings one day a week preparing configuration, and suggests a test case project to addition input from current managers. The employees are from varying departments of the growing company which are the key pillars with which the company relies being an ICT company. (Schlumberger, 2006)

Training Needs

Info Age Solutions is a growing ICT service company that basically deals with systems installation and support for corporate and individual businesses. Therefore, this poses a challenge before its management to ensure adherence and commitment to emergent technologies to ensure better customer service and cutting edge satisfaction.
Using the services of the management, a survey should be established to combine response from existing managers and administrators to categorize current training requirements for superintendents together with what they would have liked to have received in training ahead of they became supervisors. From the above selection interviews and survey results, the subsequent issues and skills might be identified that will find addressed within the recommended training.
Management and technical teams will comprise the 20 employees divide into two equal teams since the analysis shows that the company will succeed when administration and the engineering teams do their work to the satisfaction. This training program design will endeavor improving their skill and competence for the larger goal of the company. (Browny, 2009)

Key Issues to handle as per the TNA

How to integrate into the entrenched traditions and survive resistance to your account and your authority.
How to handle the challenge of preserving authority and building private friendships with employees.
How to motivate people to need to show up for operate.
How to inspire individual initiative and private responsibility with respect pertaining to following procedures and policies
How to develop the judgment to recognize when to follow written procedures and when to help adapt.
How to give clear instructions and confirm recipient understands
How to give performance feedback to help employees that motivate these phones
Training Objective
Possible training program that is in line with the company goals both short and long term goals or objectives is a basic requirement. Info Age Solutions aims at being the leading ICT, mobile and telecom service provider in world class solutions to businesses all over. In this regard, this telecom requires all systems support and infrastructure that ensures achievement of this specific goal. Through this training program, we ought to accomplish proficiency, customer satisfaction levels, hard and soft skills required to meet the standards set by InfoAge Solutions service charter.
A training program developed to supply the proper level connected with the training needed for a range of users, from a novice in order to expert project managers. Training methods will vary according to the type of use.
In the larger goal of Info Age Solutions, this training program will in the end focus or aimed at Improving customer service, increasing productivity and ensuring high index in Quality of Service(Stein, 2008).

The following structure will give a more detailed training goals and objectives structure

This will provide an idea of how Info Age Solutions objectives for goals of the program are clearly and simply
1. PURPOSE: Employees will develop high levels of skills both hard and soft
Objective: Before the close of the program, the twenty employees should gain important technical or hardware and software skills that will help them improve their service support
2. GOAL: Employees will achieve in basic task management skill on respective departments
Objective: Before the close of the program, each one of the twenty employees should gain important management skill that focuses on their specific task on their job, which should focus on improving their competency.
3. GOAL: Employees will build up positive equipment utilization and organization.
Objective: Before the close of the program, each one of the twenty employees should gain important basic technical skill that should see them do proper equipment utilization and organization for different set ups

Training Cost analysis

Estimate implies that the net present value (NPV) of the price tag on the training recommendations will likely be $2000 for the two days. This figure includes the price tag on self-directed computer-based distance education and classroom training. To estimate the price tag on the training interventions, all of us make assumptions about education development and delivery facts, such as the number of individuals developing training and space and frequency of training for the self-directed computer-based distance training and also the classroom training.

Training Methods

In this training program design, several methodologies will apply in the delivery of the training activity to ensure that the agenda and goals met with a good touch of the company projected expectations.
Basically, different methods in delivering the training to the employees, these will include, a one on one trainer-employee approach, conferencing, software skills demos and high intensity level training among others. An e-learning module will not be used extensively as the trainer will be available on the ground where the seminar or conference will take place.The following are the basic methods that overly are used in the training program.


Technical training will focus on skill and grasping of procedures or steps that should be logically followed. Info Age Solutions will use PowerPoint and objective presentations as one of the methodologies used in implementing the training program.

High Intensity level training

This primarily will involve directly or indirectly the integration of both a theoretical and a practical approach of the system training on the hard and soft skills training.

Training Schedule

The training program takes two days, each taking a total of eight hours where the skills training will be intertwined with systems knowledge in the provision of training to 20 employees. The employees will be divided into two groups each of ten,this will be based on two aspects, the management or administrator team that oversees the rest of employees and the technical team that centers on the carriage of the service or support strategy to the customer.
Initial training for the administrators and the technical team reps from IT will be given by the vendor during implementation. At the time, course development will commence for ongoing staff training. The estimated preliminary schedule is shown in a table as below. A more detailed schedule for course assistances should be made on Info Age Solutions staff registration systems once the training is recognized.

Training logistics

This part of the design of the training program will give a connection with the planning team and the logistical support required for ease of implementation. These are basically as below

Training facilities are provided by Info Age Solutions

Seminar type courses need various dimensions rooms fortified with projector and laptop and internet access
Info Age Solutions will administer schedule, register and record
Technical developments will be given in an Info Age Solutions lab environment with a maximum of 10 persons per session.
Training Program Agenda
The following will the training agenda for the Info Age Solutions
Times: Training will be from 7in the morning to 5 in the evening on Tuesday 4TH and Wednesday 5TH March 2014
Absences:Employeesshould not miss a single session of the trainingotherwise they will be eligible
Employee Training Manual
Day 1
Session 1
7:00 – 8:30 Welcome & Training Overview
8:30 – 9:00 Grouping of the teams
Session 2
9:00 – 10:00Introductory Statementsat different teams
10:00 – 10:30Break
Session 3
10.30 – 13:00 Interactive Session

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break

14.00- 16.00 Administrative and Technical parts organization and equipment
16.00 -17.00 Tea Break and adjournment

Day 2

Session 1
7:00 – 8:30Arrival and Introduction to Soft skills
8:30 – 9:00 Teamsgroup respectively
Session 2
9:00 – 10:00Process Statementsat different teams
10:00 – 10:30Break
Session 3
10.30 – 13:00 Interactive Session (hard skills

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch Break

14.00- 16.00 Management skills training as per respective groupings
16.00 -17.00 Tea Break and adjournment


Through this extensive training program, several things or achievements should be met or other the outcome of the training should deliver on several aspects. These will be divided into two major categories of the whole accomplishment. This will be part of a whole project that Info Age Solutions looks forward to managing its growth of a service charter. (Kevin, 2008)

In the event of the implementation of the training program, the employees should achieve the following

Be diligent to grasp and practice hard and soft skill on equipment use in their work
Be keen to understand and practice customer satisfaction strategies depended on the nature and type of service delivery approach
Be responsible in dealing with all work related issues diligently and adherence to work ethics
Info Age Solutions agenda in this training program would be mostly intertwined with its wider delivery mission.
Provision of skills base to enable better workforce and quality of service (QoS)
Ensure revenue growth through improved customer service
Reach its world goal in quality service expanding their network to a larger customer base.
Implementation and careful planning of the expected outcome and benefit of the proposed training program of the Info Age Solutions would enable improved service delivery and Quality of Service which then will expand the company goals and objectives herein named.


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