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The question could ever war be justified still possesses the minds of contemporary scholars and philosophers, as it is still one of the most controversial questions nowadays. The decision of starting a war has always been one of the most difficult for politics not mentioning the evident reasons for it. A useful guidance for all the people that will be affected by war has always been provided by the just war theory; however, it is too subjective for modern society.
Just war theory is the result of thoughts and ideas developed by various philosophers through all the history ofhumanity. St. Augustine in the fifth century described the conditions under which warfare could be justified providing the legitimate options for the empires to expand. St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century developed these ideas and summarized them in his “Summa Theologica”; a war is justified under the next conditions: it must be started by the authorities; it must have just reasons; both sides should feel themselves fighting for the spreading of the righteousness, or opposing the evil influence of the enemy.
However, what are the right reasons for war? What could be more important than the lives of the soldiers sent to kill and to die? These questions are also of great debate nowadays, as a life of every single person is of the highest value.
Taking into consideration the theory of just war mentioned above, it`s obvious that the war is the last resort of solving a conflict; moreover, an initiating side should have a great belief in its success and the results of the war must overbalance the casualties.
However, the questions like whether NATO`s decision to bomb Kosovo made it just make the theory of just war confining and subjective. If an authority identifies the war as a last resort, it should take the necessary risks of sacrificing the hundreds of lives for the highest values and take the responsibility for such decision.
Nowadays the decision of starting a war should be supported by the highest reasons of the highest good for everyone and recognized internationally and domestically; that`s why the society and the International Organizations should accept the fact that war is the best option to solve the problem. Moreover, the reasons of military intervention should be more persuasive and easier to follow than the peaceful methods of politics and diplomacy.
The fact is that, despite the righteous reasons of military intervention, nothing could be more valuable than the lives of the people, as it makes every authority cold and cynical in relation to its population. Sometimes, there are only governments that are fighting; however, the people are only killing themselves for the doubtful reasons, as they are all the same, but they serve the different interests. Moreover, every war is a great business, which makes it more cynical as it is. It is well-know that the manufacturers of weaponry and the military equipment are the only one that win in every war; however, the humankind always loses every war.
In addition to all of the reasons described above, every incident of violence is the reasons for the counter-violence and this vicious circle of violence makes the people fight from day to day. People should someday recall that and grasp the fact that every war can be started by the governments; however it`s always up to people whether they want to fight or not.

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