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Grandmas treats

Advertising has taken a toll towards being more interactive & hence more productive. Various strategies are being practiced to improve the business of any organization. Business to Business or B2B strategy is basically electronic trade transactions between two or more businesses. It is comprised of applications intended to augment relationships within two or more organizations for example using internet to administer the logistics of demand & supply, explore for product catalogues, interacting with traders, receiving & sending statements & electronic imbursement.

(E-business Definitions (B2C, B2B etc)) This practice enables the company to gain profit & savemoneyin large deals by having a good interactive communications. The company can buy supplies for a bargain able price through negotiable contracts, hencesaving money. The B2C strategy or Business to consumer marketing; it is a much novel sphere & basically associates to electronic retailing over the internet. Mostly it lets the public access the products on internet. Online shopping, games, product information all helps to increase the sale graph of the enterprise.

It is quite a successful strategy, since it allows the consumer to interact with the company directly & purchase the desired product with great ease. Travel tickets, books,music& various other items are available to the consumer on the World Wide Web. Often the company imposes a sale offer therefore resulting in a greater percentage of sale & thus increased capital. A number of agencies have come up to guide companies for designing their B2B or B2C strategies promising the paramount way & achieve a greater collaboration with the supplier agencies & the customers to gain a competitive advantage through the extension of business.

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