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Green chile essay

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Throughout life we identify ourselves with fundamental traditions that correlate with us from the early years of our lives. A practice we learned from our ancestors and remains in our families for decades, symbolizing our great legacy and pride. In a distinctive poem “ Green Chile” (1989) by Jimmy Santiago Baca, he exhibits a solid connection between his grandmother and chiles. A unique relationship that goes beyond pride and respect for a man who shows appreciation for his native country, despite of who he is today.

Baca’s (1989) poem “ Green Chile” is an example of how a simple dish has an immense value, expressing appreciation and love for the land where he grew up. In this unique poem, culture and sacrifice are two important messages the writer emphasizes. First, culture is primarily essential to know who you are and where you come from. In numerous part of the world food can be a symbolic meaning, especially if we live in a different country.

However, we never detach from our values and we carry them no matter where we live. In Jimmy Santiago Baca (1989) poem he describes the chiles with such passion and well detailed expressions, as he was living his younger days again. In the beginning of the poem he describes how these chiles were part of his grandmother old house, not only as a meal, but also as a decoration” red chile ristras decorate my door, dry on my roof, and hang from eaves. In my opinion I think this quote bring him memories of his childhood, friends and how simple and content his life was while living with his grandmother, who probably illustrated a positive image on him to become such an important writer. On the other hand, these probably were the best years he enjoyed, thanks to his grandmother sacrifice. Second, grandmothers are well known for their sacrifices and devotion to maintain family principles. In order to achieve this, one of the most rewarding values is the food they have cooked for generations; transporting the unique flavor that makes their dishes unique.

As caba (1989) describes in explicit details how his grandmother cooks the chiles for him with such passion. In one of his lines he posits “ sweating over the stove, bandana round her forehead. ” This explains the loyalty of an old wrinkle woman, who has give up her youth and dreams dedicating her life raising her grandchild and transmitting the importance of sacrifices and family values in an exquisite dish of chile con carne. In conclusion, cultures and sacrifices are vital to preserve family standards.

As we read in this poem, baca (1989) is the living example in how a memorable tradition survives and is conserved in his interior. However, no matter where you come from or where you go, these memories are your shadow and you can’t ever dispose them. It is to say that regardless where you go or come from, always acknowledge who you are and appreciate the sacrifices and good values you learned from others, so you can revive the old elegant ritual over and over.

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