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To study the concept of green marketing; 2) to understand the growing importance of green marketing in the organizations 3 to study some of the green marketing initiatives adopted by some organizations Intro As today’s consumer is becoming more conscious of the natural environment, businesses have began to modify their own thoughts and behavior in an attempt to address the concerns of consumers. Marketing environmentally safe products is becoming more important to businesses because of the consumer’s genuine concerns about our limited resources on the earth.

By implementing environmentally safe measures to save the earth’s resources in production, packaging, and operations, businesses are showing consumers they too share the same concerns, boosting their credibility. One business area where environmental issues have received a great deal of discussion is marketing. Now a days terms like “ Green Marketing” and “ Environmental Marketing” appear more frequently. Many governments around the world have become so concerned about green marketing activities. What is Gee Making: Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe.

It incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising. Green Marketing refers to the process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. Such a product or service may be environmentally friendly in it or produced and/or packaged in an environmentally friendly way. It also involves developing and promoting products and services that satisfy customer’s want and need for Quality, Performance, Affordable Pricing and

Convenience without having a detrimental input on the environment As per Mr.. J. Polygons, Green Marketing can be defined as, “ All activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchange intended to satisfy human needs or wants such that satisfying of these needs and wants occur with minimal detrimental input on the national environment. ” Goals of Green Marketing Eliminate the concept of waste Reinvent the concept of product Make prices reflect actual and environmental costs Make environmentalism profitable Changing in production processes Packaging changes Modifying advertising

WHY IS Got GREEN IMPORTANT The question of why green marketing has increased in importance is quite simple and relies on the basic definition of Economics: Economics is the study of how people use their limited resources to try to satisfy unlimited wants. Thus mankind has limited resources on the earth, with which she/he must attempt to provide for the worlds’ unlimited wants. While the question of whether these wants are reasonable or achievable is important, this issue will not be addressed in this paper.

In market societies where there is “ freedom of choice”, it has generally been accepted that individuals and organizations have the right to attempt to have their wants satisfied. As firms face limited natural resources, they must develop new or alternative ways of satisfying these unlimited wants. Ultimately green marketing looks at how marketing activities utilize these limited resources, while satisfying consumers wants, both of individuals and industry, as well as achieving the selling organization’s objectives. Green has gone main stream because more people are worried about sustainability related issues than ever before.

So green marketing sustainable business and to please touchstones and obtain the sanction license by the governing body. Industries in Controversies are catching the need of green marketing from the developed countries but stealthier is a wide gap between their understanding and implementation. Green marketing has been widely adopted by the firms worldwide and the following aerate possible reasons cited for this wide adoption. There are basically five reasons for which a marketer should go for the adoption of green marketing They are: Opportunities or competitive advantage

Corporate social responsibilities (CARS) Government pressure Competitive pressure Cost or profit isles) OPPORTUNITIES – As demands change, many firms see these changes as an opportunity be exploited and have a competitive advantage over firms marketing non- environmentally responsible alternatives. Some examples of firms who have strives to mom more environmentally responsible, in an attempt to better satisfy their consumer needs are: McDonald’s replaced its clam shell packaging with waxed paper because of incommensurate concern relating to polystyrene production and Ozone depletion. The Surf Excel detergent which saves water (advertised with the message?” do bucket pain orzo bacchanal”). The energy-saving LEG consumers durables are examples of green marketing. We also have green buildings which are efficient in their use of energy, water introductions materials, and which reduce the impact on human health and the environmentally better design, construction, operation, maintenance and waste disposal. In India, the green building movement, spearheaded by the Confederation of Indian industry (C”) -Godard Green business Center, has gained tremendous impetus over the last few years.

From 20, 000 sq Ft in 2003, Indian’s green building footprint is now over 25 million sq Ft. Xerox introduced a “ high quality” recycled photocopier paper in an attempt to satisfy demands of firms for less environmentally harmful products. 2) CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Many firms are beginning to realize eyeteeth are members of the wider community into firms that believe they mustachioed environmental objectives as well as profit related objectives. This results environmental issues being integrated into the firm’s corporate culture. There are examples firms adopting both strategies.

Organizations like the Body Shop heavily promote theft that they are environmentally responsible. While this behavior is a competitiveness’s, the firm was established specifically to offer consumers environmentallyresponsible alternatives to conventional cosmetic products. This philosophy is directly tied to the overall corporate culture, rather than simply being a competitive tool. Fund managers and corporate developers too, are taking into account the environmental viability of the company they invest in Venture Capitalists are investing in green business cause they believe it’s a growth opportunity.

Britain based HASH became the worldliest bank to go carbon neutral late last year and is now turning its 11000 buildings in countries worldwide into models of energy efficiency. ” our customers have told us eyeteeth decide where they shop based on whether the business is a good neighbor . “ Saturdays North, Deco’s community director. An example of a firm that does not promote its environmental initiatives is Coca-Cola. They have invested large sums of money in various recycling activities, as well as hyperventilated their packaging to minimize its environmental impact.

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