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Ground zero

Ground Zero Supertower A new tower is being constructed with 104 stories and 1776 feet of height and 7 stories below the ground at the same site where the Twin Towers had been attacked to destruction on 11 September, 2001. The new tower is called as Ground Zero Supertower that has an underground museum that narrates the history of this tower. Ground Zero Supertower’s construction is very meaningful not only because of the unique design and latest engineering technical advances made in its design and construction, but also because this tower signifies a beacon of hope and sustenance for the Americans. The tower symbolizes the continuation of the life of the city. It is the highest and the most beautiful and safest tower in America. The Twin Towers were protected against inundation by the river by a slurry wall. Ground Zero Supertower has an ultra-strong concrete core with the fastest elevators in the Western hemisphere. Staircases have been designed extra-wide and pressurized to ensure that they are capable of keeping the smoke out. The underground 9/11 museum has huge archeological significance.
I learnt a lot from the view with respect to engineering design and construction methodology. This video revealed the importance of the safety of the core of a building. Structural safety is even more important than aesthetics, and combination of the two makes a wonderful modern-age structure. This video offers something to everybody to connect with; for some, Ground Zero Supertower is where their memories of the loved ones are preserved; for others, it is an innovative and newest engineering miracle.

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