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Hacienda motel santa barbara

Hacienda Motel is a located on State Street in Santa Barbara, a town between Los Angeles and Sans Francisco. The Hotel is a good option for tourists because it is strategically located in the heart of Santa Barbara, providing easy access to the tourist attractions in Santa Barbara. Although Hacienda Motel can not be describe as “ grand”, it is a peaceful place to spend the holiday or vacation, escaping from the busy life of the city. Apart from this, the Motel is centrally located to the Santa Barbara beaches, the UC Santa Barbara campus (Homepage of Hacienda Motel n. ). Hacienda is a place to enjoy more and pay less.

This is because lodging at Hacienda Motel provides added value for the money paid. Furthermore, Hacienda Motel is a good option for any stranger in Santa Barbara. This is because it is located near whatever you want to get. It is central to the shopping malls, the restaurants, the town’s established medical clinic, Earl Warren Showgrounds and a stone throw to the popular Santa Barbara beaches (Homepage of Hacienda Motel n.

d). Perhaps this is what makes it appealing to tourist and visitors to the town of Santa Barbara. Company Scope and Mission Hacienda Motel is recognized for its attractive rates and its provision of excellent services for its customers. The motel offers its customers Free High Speed Wireless Internet and High Speed Cable Ethernet, Air Conditioning Room, Cable TV with HBO, CNN, ESPN, FOX Sports, Free Local Calls, Microwave, Refrigerator, Hair Dryer, In Room Coffee, Iron / Iron board, Some rooms with complete kitchenettes, and Free Parking including spaces for Trucks.

(Welcome to Hacienda Mote, Santa Barbara. n. d). Apart from this, there is the opportunity for customer to extend their stay. In addition to this, customers in Hacienda Motel have the opportunity of choosing between the varieties that is provided in the Motel. There is the 2 Queens bedroom with Kitchen which comes with the comfort that anyone can desire.

Apart from this, there is the 2 Queens with no kitchen, King Bedroom with kitchen and King Bedroom. These rooms also have all the amenities that is listed above. One thing that makes Hacienda Motel the tourist’s choice is rates that come without compromise of comfort. The rates of these rooms depend on the time of the year. The room rates at Hacienda Motel depend on the four different periods in the year and on the day(s) of the week that the customer would stay. The periods are between November – February, March – May, June – August and September – October.

During these period, the Queen Bedroom range from $89-$99 on Sundays –Thursdays and $109 – $199 on weekends. The King Bed range from $95 – $105 on weekdays and $115 – $205 on weekends. The 2 Double Bed ranges from $109 – 119 and from $119 – 219 on weekends. Finally the 2 Queen Bed range from $109 – $129 on weekdays and from $129 – $229 on weekends. It is however important to note that these rates do not include holidays and special events (Rates for Motel Hacienda Santa Barbara California.

n. d) and these rates do not include the 12% bed tax payable by the customer. Hacienda Motel also operates an online payment option for its customer. The Motel requires Credit Card for booking rooms on-line.

They also operate a website where customers can look up the direction of the hotel so that they can find their way to the Hacienda Motel.

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