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Harlequin Case Harlequin is a massive publishing company, which deals primarily with the publication of romance series. The company has a massive customer base, which consists primarily of women. The company’s customer base is quite massive, consisting of approximately 50 million people from across the globe (Mark 4). Harlequin essentially creates value for its customers by providing them with a thrilling romance series, produced through a revolutionary publishing strategy, entailing appropriately packaged and consumer-goods strategy. The company’s customers like the product since each novel is a prominent segment of a superior product line, whose quality is delivered consistently in a manner that provides immense satisfaction and exhilaration to the consumers (Mark 3).
Harlequin should re-enter the single-title business since the business presents the organization with substantive growth opportunities, particularly in terms of enhancing sales volumes. Since trends in the publishing industry show that demand for single-title fictional books continues to increase despite the stable demand of series romance, harlequin should re-enter the business so as to maximize opportunities presented by increasing demand. While single-title publishing presents relatively immense risks, the company’s previous venture into the business will prove beneficial since the company is aware of the mistakes it made during its last attempt at the single-title business. Furthermore, harlequin’s successfulness in the publishing industry is a significant advantage since a vast majority of the risks vary depending on the author’s reputation (Mark 2). Furthermore, harlequin needs to redefine its brand by entering the single-title business. This is primarily because research indicates substantive declines in the growth of the romance series business, which could, in turn, result in massive losses.
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