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Health care finance (module 1)

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BHS 427 – Health Care Finance (Module 5-SLP) ID: Word count: 540 words Medicaid is available to any US citizen who is unable to pay for their own healthcare. Thus, America keeps the well-being of its citizens in mind by providing them with medical aid. However, this aid is not limited to citizens with low income: it is divided into various categories including special benefits for the aged or pregnant women. Various states maintain this Medicaid program but add their own rules and benefits to make it more specific. This essay will discuss the differences and similarities between two such American states: Texas and Oklahoma.
The eligibility of aid for children under 18 in both states varies at one vital mode. Texas does not prevent children whose parents have no citizenship from gaining aid benefits provided the child himself is a legal citizen or immigrant. No such condition is available in the state of Oklahoma (OKDHS). Texas also provides special aid for employees of the State of Texas (CHIP). However, for its own part, Oklahoma does indulge in providing benefits and services to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
Aged and disabled (physical and mental) citizens are placed in one group by both states. Oklahoma provides aid to any aged individual under 65 while Texan aids its old citizens at the age of 60. Oklahoma is very specific of the conditions that must be met by an individual to attain aid: a mental or physical impairment, disease or loss must be able to continue for at least 12 months. Along with this it is vital for the individual to show how his disability prevents his employment or ability to work. If this is met, there is a further chance that this individual might not be able to receive full aid, instead getting deductions or co-payments. Texas has a comprehensive list for the citizens in need to choose a nursing home (private or hospital-based) or a nursing home for the mentally retarded. Unlike Oklahoma, Texas has given another organization the control to manage its Medicaid program for the old and disabled (DADS).
There is however some factors of the Texan and Oklahoma Medicaid program that are dissimilar in the services they provide.
Texas concentrates and establishes a whole need for oral health. Thus, the Medicaid services also include a dental plan that is provided to any citizen who is need. Along with this, immunization in schools and child-care facilities is seen as vital by the Texan Medicaid Program.
The Oklahoma Medicaid program does provide for immunization but it too differs in one aspect. Women under the age of 65 with breast and cervical cancer are given special coverage in the state of Oklahoma. These services have been given specific eligibility qualifications. For instance, the woman has to have an abnormal screen that shows her need for further treatment, she has to have an income that allows her to stand for services under the program; she must also have no other insurance covering her diagnosis or treatment. If all the requirements are met the woman is treated until necessary and is allowed every type of healthcare service that need not be limited to cancer treatment.
Thus, though both states take their own measures to maintain and assist their citizens into leading healthy and successful lives.
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