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Smoothie King http www.smoothieking.com Types of Food Smoothie King Outlets open their doors to s at seven in the morning and close at eight in the evening thus, they provide their customers with breakfast, lunch as well as dinner, for those who have the tendency of taking their meals early.
Apart from the three main meals, their Outlets provide snacks and shakes to the consumers
Smoothie King provides their customers with the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of options. For example, the protein muffin that they offer for breakfast is available in different flavors like double chocolate, banana and blueberry
The high quality of foods that Smoothie King Offers at its outlets has enabled it create a large customer base, with 66% of their customers acceding to the fact that they visit the outlets about eight times within a month.
It offers a kids diet, implying that they take into account the needs of each individual
Smoothie King offers their products in the designated proportions, ensuring that all the necessary nutritional components are availed to the body.
Smoothie King offers pre-packaged meals, making it easier for the customers
Some meals offered can be pre-made, making it convenient for the customers
The preparation time is short whenever need arises
The packaging is appealing to the customers
The ingredients contain the correct amount of nutrients; proteins, vitamins and low fat
The ingredients are low on cholesterol
The ingredients are low on carbs
Fiber is incorporated in the diets to supplement other nutrients
The ingredients contain other vitamins
My Fit Foods
Types of Food
The fact that My Fit Food operates for long hours means that it provides the customers with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Drinks and snacks that are of high nutritive value supplement the three basic meals.
The rapid expansion rate undergone by My Fit Foods shows that it provides its client base with foods of high quality
My Fit Foods takes into effect the needs of several people thereby providing special diets like the kids diet.
My Fit Foods provide large variety of options for their clients, making them have a feel of their different samples
My Fit Foods offer pre-packaged meals, thereby making it efficient for their customers
Customers can make on-line orders that are delivered by the My Fit Foods outlet with close proximity to where he or she is located
The high rate of expansion that My Fit Foods has been undergoing has enabled it to put up outlets in various localities hence making it easier for the customers to access their services
Its website is easy to navigate and this makes it faster for the customers to make online orders
My Fit Foods offers pre-made meals
The time taken to prepare meals is considerable for the consumers
Most of the preservatives used by My Fit Foods to preserve the foods are non-processed
Most of the ingredients contain the correct proportions of various nutrients like proteins
The ingredients are fresh
Most of their meals are free of gluten, precisely 90%
The ingredients used by My Fit Foods are of good taste
The ingredients contain low cholesterol and are high on Fiber

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