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Healthy lifestyle

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What a person eats is a key part of managing and combating health diseases. Obesity is bad news for both body and mind. Not only can it make a person feel tired and uncomfortable it causes major health risks. Eating a well balanced diet will help keep the weight down. The best way to lose weight is to change the way we think about food, exercise and our way of life. If not presently on a healthy diet, it can be difficult to start a plan. However, healthy eating is important for maintaining bodily function and living a disease free lifestyle. Struggling with healthy eating, know that breaking the unhealthy habits can be a difficult part of the process. However, wanting to live the best lifestyle is possible, it is important to follow steps in order to start eating a more healthy diet. A good beginning step is rid the home of all foods that do not fit into the healthy categories. “Remember the food pyramid” (Home and Garden, 2005,). Keep junk foods and beverages out of the house, so that there will be no temptations to snack during the day. Get a journal and write everything down before or after eating. It is amazing what people do not eat if they have to keep a record. In the journal start at the beginning by entering your weight, size and the day you start. If worried about getting hungry, keep healthy snacks like fresh cut vegetables, fruit, yogurt or whole wheat crackers on hand. Can’t stand to toss out the sweets, try keeping something on hand like chocolate chips. Eating a few of these won’t hinder the lifestyle change; cutting down its will give a little sugary fix that we all crave. An additional step to healthy eating is when first starting the practice is to take a few moments to become skilled at what foods are the healthiest, and how they work in the body. Most people realize that fruit, vegetables and low fat means healthy and that dairy products are good, but few know why. The key is knowledge, the learning about nutrients and the right ones the body needs to get and stay healthy. When the specific nutrients are understood and the way they work in the body, the change in lifestyle will be more likely to make these healthy choices. When preparing for a new healthy diet, the individual should take into consideration to schedule a time for meals. If the person repeatedly in a hurried or at odd times of day, then the probability they are not getting the best foods possible. Plan ahead! Instead of grabbing a fast food lunch on the go, take a premade or sack lunch to work, complete with a healthy wrap and some fresh vegetables. Plan ahead for healthy meals, breakfast and dinner; as well by cooking ahead. If time is not available to fix healthy dinners, start with baby steps. Even if substituting one soda a day with a glass of water, is improving the calorie intake. If the individual eats fast food every day for lunch, try replacing that even half the time. When starting by taking small steps it does not seem like the cutting out of foods that are loved and the individual can take the time to learn about healthy foods. Obesity tends to run in families. Some people have a genetic tendency to gain weight more easily than others because they burn calories more slowly. During times when food was scarce, this was a real advantaged. But now that food is available 24/7 in most industrialized countries, an efficient metabolism that once ensured or survival now works to our disadvantage. Although genes influence body types and size, environment also plays a major role. People today may be gaining weight because of unhealthy food choices (like fast food) and family habits (like eating in front of the television instead of at the family dining table). High calorie, low nutrient snack and beverages, bigger portions, and less active lifestyles are all contributing to the obesity epidemic. With obesity come many health concerns such as, ” Gallstones. An accumulation of bile that hardens in the gallbladder forms gallstones. These may be painful and require surgery.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Blount’s disease. Excess weight on growing bones can lead to this bone deformity of the lower legs” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “High blood pressure. When blood pressure is high, the heart must pump harder and the arteries must carry blood that’s moving under greater pressure. If the problem continues for a long time, the heart and arteries may no longer work as well as they should. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is more common in overweight or obese teens.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “High cholesterol. Long before getting sick, obese teens may have abnormal blood lipid levels, including high cholesterol, low HDL (“good”) cholesterol, and high triglyceride levels. These increase the risk of heart attack and stroke when a person gets older.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Fatty liver. When fat accumulates in the liver, it can cause inflammation, scarring, and permanent liver damage.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Girls who are overweight may miss periods – or not get their periods at all – and may have elevated testosterone (the male hormone) levels in the blood. Although it is normal for girls to have some testosterone in their blood, too much can interfere with normal ovulation and may cause excess hair growth, worsening acne, and male-type baldness. PCOS is associated with insulin resistance, a precursor to developing type 2 diabetes. Women who are overweight also might have fertility problems” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Insulin resistance and diabetes. When there is excess body fat, insulin is less effective at getting glucose, the body’s main source of energy, into cells. More insulin becomes needed to maintain a normal blood sugar. For some overweight teens, insulin resistance may progress to diabetes (high blood sugar)” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Depression. People who are obese are more likely to be depressed and have lower self-esteem.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Slipped capital femoral epiphyses (SCFE). Obese children and teens are at greater risk for this painful hip problem. SCFE requires immediate attention and surgery to prevent further damage to the joint.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Sleep apnea. This condition (where a person temporarily stops breathing during sleep) is a serious problem for many overweight kids and adults. Not only does it interrupt sleep, sleep apnea can leave people feeling tired and affect their ability to concentrate and learn. It also may lead to heart problems.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “Asthma. Obesity is associated with breathing problems that can make it harder to keep up with friends, play sports, or just walk from class to class.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) “olycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Girls who are overweight may miss periods – or not get their periods at all – and may have elevated testosterone (the male hormone) levels in the blood. Although it is normal for girls to have some testosterone in their blood, too much can interfere with normal ovulationovulation and may cause excess hair growth, worsening acne, and male-type baldness. PCOS is associated with insulin resistance, a precursor to developing type 2 diabetes. Women who are overweight also might have fertility problems.” (Mary L. Gavin, 2007) . Most illnesses and diseases can be controlled or even eliminated by changing one’s own eating and exercise inhabits. Luckily, it is never too late to start making those changes that can effectively control weight and the health problems it causes. Those changes don’t have to be big. For a start, plan to cut back on sugary beverages, pass up the second serving, and get more exercise, even 5 — 10 minutes a day. Walk to the corner store, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator and even park in the last row of the grocery store parking lot, small steps. Build your way up to big changes by making a series of small ones. Sometimes people turn to food for emotional reasons, such as when they feel upset, anxious, sad, stressed out, or even bored. When this happens, they often eat more than they need. When this is an issue, try to take a walk, read, or have a glass of water instead of opening the refrigerator. These steps are possible and necessary if the individual wants to achieve a healthier weight and increase their health. The individual needs to consult their physician before starting any diets and exercise program. With their physician advice, the individual will know which diet they may consider. With the benefit of Gyms, an individual can receive a personal exercise trainer to help achieve their weight and health goals. Please note; when starting a program to change your lifestyle, losing the weight and improving your health will not happen overnight. It did not happen so. With hard work, patients and determination it will happen. You will feel the difference in the way you look, feel and your energy levels within a few days. Within a few months, you will see a dramatic decrease in weight and inches. Works Cited Home and Garden. (2005,, October). Guideline food piramid. Dietary Guidelines for Americans , p. 96. Mary L. Gavin, M. (2007, April). when being overweight is a Health Problem. TeensHealth , pp. 1-5.

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