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Hersey-blanchard model

This model categorized follower maturity into four levels. The levels were; the high maturity, moderate maturity which was subdivided into two, and finally the low maturity. Each of these levels was characterized by the difference in the ability and willingness of an individual. Prior to that, the model had a relative comparison of relationship behavior and task behavior. This relative comparison gave rise to four quadrants. This model was expressed diagrammatically as illustrated below.
Relationship behavior
low Task behavior high

In the leadership behavior model, we have the four quadrants S1, S2, S3, and S4. (S1) represents low relation and high task leadership behavior. They said that this type of behavior is where the follower character is unable and unwilling and this requires maximum supervision of performance. He referred to this as telling style.
The next quadrant (S2) represents a high task high relationship leadership behavior characterized by an unable but willing follower. The situation exhibited here is where the leader gives instruction but expects clarification from the follower. Hersey and Blanchard recommend this a selling style.
Quadrant (S3) represents a leadership behavior characterized by high relation and low task which corresponds to an unable but unwilling follower. They said that in this situation there ought to be participation. By participation, they insinuated that the follower should try to make a contribution to the decisions hence a participating style.
The last quadrant entails a low relation low task leadership behavior. This is because the follower readiness here is of an able and willing character. Here what is required is delegation style. This is because the leader’s supervision requirement is minimal as the follower is willing and able.
Limitations of this model
This theory has no evidenced downplaying by a majority of scholars. It is numerously used by organizations worldwide during various leadership training. This does not necessarily mean that it has no limitations. The main limitation documented is that it lacks central hypotheses to be tested in order to validate and make it reliable.

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