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History of american education

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(1607-1775) Colonial PeriodIn 1635 the first Latin grammar school was established.(1775-1820) Early National Period In 1819 Emma Willard Hart helps New York state open education for women.(1820-1865) Common School Movement In 1859 Darwin publishes ???On the Origin of Species.

???The Progressive Era ??“ In 1896 John Dewey established his own lab. The lab became the birth place of progressive education. The Modern Era-In 1964 Head Start becomes part of the Economic Opportunity Act.Almost a century ago John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution by violating a Tennessee statue. His conviction was later over turned by an appeals court based on a technicality. Later laws were on the books which promote ???scientific creationism??? and more recently ???intelligent design.???There is still a battle to be fought to keep Darwin in the classroom today.

When Darwin wrote the Origin of Species he changed how evolution was viewed. Darwin is one of the most important and controversial people today. Darwin brought controversy into the classroom when he wrote the Origin of Species. He is still a vital point in classroom education today, he is also a point of controversy that seems will always be up for debate. Darwin can be debated with the scientific community but also with people who uphold their religious beliefs. Darwin brings up the debate of keeping religion out of schools. The separation of church and state is an argument for keeping Darwin out of the public school system.On Darwin??™s 198th birthday a team of father and son, a world renowned evolutionary biologist and a highly skilled sophisticated high school teacher decided to help out educators of science fight against strong pressures brought on by creationists.

A journal called Outreach and Education in Evolution was published on March 8, 2008. Niles and Greg Eldredge, the editors in chief for the journal are set on filling the gap between scientific literature and curriculum materials that are normally available to educators and students. ???”Evolution remains the central unifying idea in biology and yet is still a source of contention and confusion in the classroom.

In Outreach and Education in Evolution, well cover the gamut, from molecules to ecosystems and from intelligent design to natural selection. We aim to make a big difference in evolutionary education.” Darwin??™s fight to be kept in the classroom is ongoing and we can still see how it affects the classroom today. Darwin is an issue that has shaped the classroom with revolutionary new ideas that we never saw before. Darwin is reflected in the classroom today based on controversy that comes with creation vs. evolution. It seems that because of the scientific community and religious community that this will always be debated.

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