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Hittite warrior

UriahUriah is a Hittite who has had his family slain by sea people. He is loyal, brave, and daring. This matters because his father??™s dying promise is the one that will take him on his adventures.

He keeps every promise he makes. Uriah is brave to fight in battle and face the priests of Moloch. JothamJotham is a Hebrew with a Hittite mother. His uncle stole him of his birthrights. This matters because him being a Hebrew inspires him to take Jabin to the Hebrew tribes. He also is inspired to fight in battle against the armies of Harosheth. He is a brother in law to Uriah. SiseraSisera is the great one in Harosheth.

He has a Hittite mother. Uriah??™s dad saved his life, once. This means that Sisera didn??™t want to kill Uriah. He prayed with him to the Hittite gods. The wife of a merchant assassinated Sisera. HannibaalHannibaal is the son of Ethbaal. He fed and clothed Uriah after Uriah saved his life.

He later fights in battle and dies. His dying wish is for Uriah to take care of his sister, Mehitabel. Without Hannibaal, Uriah would??™ve starved on the street.

BarakBarak is a great war hero. He is also Hebrew. Uriah meets him when he stays in the dwelling of a Hebrew family overnight. Uriah also meets him when they fight in a battle against each other. Barak commanded the Hebrews in their victory against the chariots of Harosheth

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