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Holographic technology

In 1989, Robert Zemicks made a movie starring Michael J. Fox called Back to the Future Part II. Unlike its predecessor, this film saw the protagonist Marty McFly, not going into the past to right wrongs and alter hisfamilyhistory, but going into the future to step in and prevent his children’s terrible fate. Comedy and flux capacitor aside, Zemeciks’ future shows several technological advances that captured the imaginations of not only the generation who were of age at the time of the films release but also generations since.

Today, someone has crafted self lacing Nikes, tablet devices, and the hoverboardtechnologyseen in the film is being researched. One stand out piece of tech that is often referenced, other than the flying car, was the holographic shark that jumps out from a marquee and tries to eat Marty. Despite the rudimentary appearance of the Jaws shark that tries to virtually take Mr. McFly’s life, it indeed is an interesting idea. Holographic Technology: The Future of Multimedia

Holographic technology is nothing new to the world ofsciencefiction but with today’s technological advancements science fiction is moving off the screen an into our every days lives with holograms following suit. Several companies worldwide have beuan research and implementation of this exciting new 3D tech. This new technology offers an array of possible applications ranging from interactive learning experiences, highly engaging entertainment experiences and an entirely new way to present graphics and multimedia elements.

I will research how holographic technology works to better understand what is behind the tech itself, the major players producing holographic technology to learn about where we are with the current state of holographic technology, look into the more cutting edge iterations of holograms to see where the technology is heading to be aware of what can be expected in the future and finally explore the ways that holographic technology applies to our field to enhance and revolutionize the possibilities of multimedia technology.

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