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Homeschooling vs public school essay

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Nowadays, education system in the world increasingly day by day. Started from the most popular place to educate, public school (traditional school) until the modern one which is now popping up everywhere, including in Indonesia, “ homeschooling”. Homeschooling is the education of children at home (by parents or tutors). Some people consider homeschooling is more effective and practical than public school, while the others consider public school has became a habit from generation to generation, and promising a bright future.

There is so many controversy over homeschooling and public school. Why? Because there are several prominent differences between both of them such as : quality, safety, environment and cost. The most notable difference between homeschooling and public school is their quality. Quality in this case means the curriculum and the learning method that used. Homeschooling uses the same curriculum with public school, but the majors are chosen by parents or tutor according to what the child (student) wants.

Meanwhile, the public school organizes what majors that should be studied based on the curriculum used. Then, the learning method that used between both of them are totally different. Homeschooling uses some methods like : * The classical method, is a method that learn about how to learn and sharpen the ability to remember things. * Computer-based method, is a method that uses a computer during the learning process. * Eclectic method, is a method that used depends on the needs of the child/student. * Independent or self-study method, usually used for higher level.

The methods look creative and varying. While in the public school, the methods that used always same from time to time, from one to another grade, for example communicative approach and CBSA approach. Yet, if there is a new curriculum which failed to be applied makes the quality of public school deteriorated. It is logical that homeschooling considered has better quality than public school because of the various learning methods. The second difference is environment. For some parents, environment is one of important aspects which support the process of study.

They consider, at home their child does not have to deal with peer pressure or with fitting-in with other classmates. Home – schooled children can use any kind of clothes, any kind of position, as long as it comfortable and able to make them focus on the lessons that being taught then learn in a relatively calm and peaceful. While in public school, the environment is too noisy so that the children cannot study calmly. It means that they will not able to understand what exactly the teacher teach about. There is a time when a whole class study silently, but it is just 30 minutes on the beginning.

From the explanation above, it is obviously shows that homeschooling is so much better than public school. Although homeschooling is superior in the condition of the environment, on the other hand homeschoolers deemed have low-social-level because they are too individual. Many people argue that this method (homeschooling) could hinder the potential social of homeschoolers. Because they are assumed to be less sociable, less learn to socialize, not to learn to accept other people’s opinions of others, or adeptness work together.

Compared with the students of public school which are blending into each other with the different race, religion and cultures. That is make people considering that they are ready for the globalization era. The third difference is safety. This aspect is one of the most commonly used by parents as a reason to homeschool their children. Why? Because, according to them home is the safest place in the world. They can control their children 1 x 24 hours at home, they can fulfill the needs of their children while learning, they also will not be hesitate to leave their children at home with the tutor.

However, at public school, the safety is not guaranteed at all, too risky. For example : violence or bully, either by the teachers or classmates. It is absolutely cannot be controlled by parents. Other example is kidnapping, especially in big cities it is very worrying. Due to the explanation about the safety of both homeschooling and public school, it is clearly convince that homeschooling is more safe and comfortable rather than public school. The last difference is cost.

Homeschoolings are much more expensive than public school, approximately two times more expensive. The students of homeschooling have to pay every month and also for every semester, it means that they are paying 14 times per year. While, the students of public school only pay twice per year. Sample of calculation : the average cost for each homeschooling per year is Rp. 8, 6 millions = Rp. 850. 000/month + Rp. 3. 300. 000/semester (High school of Kak Seto’s homeschooling, Jakarta). While the average cost for each public school student ranged about Rp. 00. 000 to Rp. 700. 000 depending on the state.

Even if there is unexpected payment, the amount is still not exceed the dues for homeschooling. Astounding is not it? Indeed, the quality seen by the price. That is why people said “ homeschooling is for the rich only! ” Here are the main four differences between homeschooling and public school. As we can see it based on the quality, which homeschooling is better than public school. Then the environment , which homeschooling still better than public school.

Then, safety, which homeschooling much better than public school. The last, cost which public school is far away better than homeschooling. But, overall it does not matter what type of education a person choose. What kind of method that a person use. As long as She/he has desire to learn and it can increase their knowledge or learning experiences. Just like public school and homeschooling, they are difference, but they are equally giving so many benefits and positive things for people who wants to have proper education.

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