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Honda advertising analysis

When it comes to car buying, there are hundreds of models to choose from. Everyone needs something different from a car. Car manufacturers use advertising to target different audiences with specific needs. Consequently advertisers use color, text and images to fight for the reader’s attention; so that they can influence the viewer’s opinion of their product and therefore persuade them to buy their vehicle rather than any other. This ad for the Honda Odyssey builds a theme of tranquility, through the use of cheerful colors, a peaceful setting and carefully chosen words.

When the viewer looks at this ad, the first emotion that is felt is tranquility and peace. Using nature is how the advertiser is targeting drivers that have a family. This ad is more specifically targeted towards the mother of the family. Mothers have a hectic schedule of running the entire schedule of their families and this is why they would be attracted to a van that promises a state of peace and quiet and free of disturbances or stress. There are many images and effects that are used to communicate a feeling of tranquility.

Silver is the color of the van and this color is a major conductor and communicator. In this case, the silver draws the viewers’ attention because of the emotions that is stirs within the audience. The puddle below the van is also the same color, and it makes the van appear to be glowing. But the most interesting part of this feature is that if you turn the ad upside down, you see another car in the reflection of the puddle. It looks like a sports car in motion. So what the company is saying to the viewer is that they would have the speed of a sports car and also have the serenity at the same time.

The lily pads are placed in the puddle and appear to lead a path up the minivan. It appears to be waiting for you to climb in and drive away. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body and the blue sky in the background and the blue butterflies convey that. The blue in this ad is also reinforcing the text at the bottom on the page trying to convince the viewer that what they are saying is true. The butterflies also symbolize a new beginning. In other words, owning and driving this van will be like no experience you’ve had before.

The butterflies and deer are very peaceful. To the left and beside the van, are two deer, and the natural white spots on their fur is spelled out “ 28 hwy mpg”. The two deer in this ad are persuading the viewer to believe that they will have everything they want in this van and still get excellent gas mileage. Vanquility grabs the attention of the viewer and also describes this van all in one word. Two-thirds down the page and below the picture is the word “ vanquility ” in bold, capital letters. This text is also printed in silver, to match the van.

Under “ vanquility ” is a four line paragraph in smaller silver text, describing some of the features of this van. Finally, below this paragraph is the word “ Odyssey” in bold, capital silver text. Odyssey is the model of this van. In the upper left hand corner on this ad is the “ H” logo that belongs to Honda. The logo is used so that when you see it again, you will immediately think “ Honda”. The whole picture is very serene. It looks as if something out of a fairytale, but very real. Everything you have been expecting in a van is finally here.

The company uses the silver text so not to draw the attention away from the van and its peaceful surrounding. Calmness is what the advertiser wants the audience to feel when they see this ad full of pretty colors. We all want what is best for our families and the advertisers take advantage of that. There is large rainbow in the sky. The cheerful color of the rainbow grabs your attention immediately and puts a smile on your face. Although this ad is directed towards women, this picture also seems to bring your children to mind when you see the colors and animals.

Green is the color of nature and fits in perfectly with this ad. The green trees behind the van and the green lily pads in the foreground draws the viewer’s eye to the van. It’s telling you that this is the van for a family. Green might also convince the viewer that this van is not harmful to the environment. The new Odyssey minivan appears to fulfill all that the mother desires in a family vehicle. It is very clever of the advertiser to use colors and images that appeal to a woman. All of the text is neutral and blends in with the van.

The rainbow makes it even more irresistible. Furthermore, it stimulates the viewer’s senses by using the beautiful animals, and telling you that you’re going to get great highway mileage. This advertisement does an excellent job with influencing its target audience into purchasing this vehicle. It uses natural colors and pictures to appeal to the reader’s needs. The pictures are carefully chosen to show the product at its best. This advertisement is very effective and fulfills its purpose.

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