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Hospitality management

Hospitality Management Hotel and tourism industry is a booming industry and the size of this industry has been growing day by day. First decade of 20th century has seen a major growth of this industry due to increasing disposable income of people across the world and their willingness and financial ability to travel around. This leads frequent travel by the same consumers of this industry. This rapid growth in demand of travel, tourism and hospitality services by the consumer is also because of the advanced personalized travelling and hospitality experiences provided by the hotel chains, resorts across the world. Consumers who generally like to spend their memorable holidays in the countryside resorts experience more personalized travel experience in terms of lodging, special food dishes and many other benefits. Basically resorts are more expensive than hotels and these are preferred by the niche segment of people with higher disposable income. Therefore, these types of consumers generally prefer to get customized or personalized services especially for their recreation purpose. Taste and preference of customers is continuous changing factor and it is one of the most important areas where the businesses need to focus. In the hospitality industry, the businesses have been identifying gradual change of service expectation from the customers. There are three major drivers behind this change. These three drivers are educated demanding customers, adoption of new technology in hospitality industry and globalization. These drivers stimulate the demand of hospitality service by the customers and also are the main reasons for their new personalized service demand from mainly the hotels and resorts.
Resort vacation has becoming more demanding tourism service. It has been identified by many researches in tourism industry that resorts are becoming more preferable by the potential consumers with high disposable income. Therefore, it can be forecasted that in the coming decade, the consumers will prefer resorts vacation more than hotels. This is because resorts vacation is a complete tourism package which including travelling, foods, logging and other entertainment services. Resorts provide more customized and personalized services than hotels. Consumers with comparatively high income level prefer to spent vacation with their families at least two to three times in a year. Therefore, they generally select locations far from the crowded cities like country sides, sea and heal areas. Resorts are generally developed in those areas with natural beauty like forests, river side, hill, see etc. Therefore, the consumers prefer to spend a short vacation in these natural areas, mainly to get relief from their busy working life and also crowded environment. To attract more numbers of customers in the coming decade, the resort developers need to adopt some important business strategies. First of all they need to become more advanced with the technology like online booking of vacation from their official websites (Amadeus, p.5). Hey also need to tie up with major airline companies so that the customers get attractive discounts in flight charges. They also need to offer local site visit service including travelling service. Another important thing is that the resort developers need to diversify into sites situated natural beauty. Many researches of tourism industry have recommended that consumers of tourism services will prefer to spend their vacations more in the natural areas than cities and the has been identifying this gradual change in consumers’ preference. Finally, the resort developers need to focus on more personalized resort vacation service which means they need to concern more about exact preference.
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