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House-keeping management in hotels

Hotel management
The role of hotel management regards increasing room occupancy, achieving customer satisfaction, and attaining high profit margins. The interior design of a hospitality facility, such as a hotel, serves these three purposes. Interior design has become a key element in the hospitality industry because of the contemporary competitive environment(Piotrowski, & Rogers 2007, p. 76). In turn, there is a great need to serve the customer beyond the functional levels of security and comfort(Jones2008, p. 209). Hotels strive for an ethereal feeling as a way of attracting and retaining customers. It is crucial to highlight that customers, especially, look for an environment that provides a fantasy feeling, which the average home environmentmay not promise(Penner, Adams,& Rutes 2013, p. 112).
In planning and managing a four-star beach front hotel, several issues should be considered. To begin with, it is crucial to assess the level of customer traffic in the area around a beach. In this sense, the hotel gauges the number of customers that it attracts on a daily basis. This allows for the hotel to plan its resources and investment according to the expected number of customers. The planners should also consider the impact and size of attractions surrounding a beach front hotel(Chon& Maier 2010, p. 98). This is because customers are not merely drawn to the outlook and quality of services in a hotel, but they also value the marginal feeling of enjoying other forms of fun that a surrounding offers(Rogers 2013, p. 143). For instance, customers may be attracted to a nearby forest that allows for bird watching.
Management of rural hotel situated within a national park demands given operational and management needs. To begin with, the management should link the services of the hotel with the elements of the park(Rao, & Krishna 2005, p. 164). This occurs since the amount of revenues of such a hotel may majorly depend on the aggregate utility derived from visiting the park. For instance, the management could design the hotel in such a sense that the accommodation rooms allow for comfortable and picturesque sightseeing. In addition, the hotel must participate in day-to-day management of the national park such that they retain the level of utility derived from the park.
There are notable sales techniques that can be employed in improving sales. For instance, marketing is an essential tool of enhancing sales(Piotrowski, & Rogers 2007, p. 76). Advertising, especially, entails lasting impressions on a customer. In the contemporary world, business-customer interaction should be an intimate process(Michman, Mazze, & Greco 2004, p. 131). This occurs as businesses utilize modern correspondence techniques such as e-mails and social media in understanding the impression of customers about certain services. In this sense, businesses tackle the loopholes that constrain sales.
Statistical information is essential in forecasting of demand and planning. This is because statistical information possess the empirical history that could be used in viewing the potential of the future(Banerjee, 2007, P. 67). This is only possible through a night and morning audit system that records the occupancy of rooms. In the end, the planners can calculate indicators such as the number of room occupied against the number of rooms available(Reid& Bojanic2010, p. 13). In addition, planners could calculate the total rooms revenue over the total number of rooms sold. This enables the planners to gauge high and low seasons as regards the purchase of rooms.
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