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Training and Mentoring Program(Interclean)University of PhoenixHRM/531June 19, 2009Deborah Young Training and mentoring in a merger situation can be complicated, especially in a diverse workplace. The need for a comprehensive training and mentoring program is however imperative for the organization to attain it??™s set goals and objective. The new training and mentoring program will explain the key requirements in preserving the edge in a competitive market. The program will allow Interclean to equip its new sales team with the necessary tools needed to be successful and profitable. This will be explained below.

The New Training and Mentoring NeedsThe training and mentoring needs of Interclean will be determined by four factors (four levels of analysis). ??? Organization Analysis ??? Demographic Analysis ??? Operation Analysis ??? Individual AnalysisOrganization Analysis: This helps to identify the part of the organization that needs training. In this case, the sales department needs the training. Demographic Analysis: This analysis is critical because it is intended to assist in shaping the special needs of the company as a result of employee diversity in the workplace. Please note that employees selected for the new sales team are culturally diverse. Operation Analysis: This involves the evaluation of materials or procedures the company uses in training and a decision on what changes are needed to make the company more efficient. Individual Analysis: This is required to show employee proficiency as it relates to employee job performance. Objectives of the Training and Mentoring ProgramFor the integration of new employees into the company culture, employees must learn the following three skills.

??? The ability to use new technology and innovation ??? Ability to maintain technology and innovation learnt ??? Ability to diagnose problemsFurthermore, a trainer should be made available to supervise the trainee directly. For example, if a trainee begins to deviate a trainer should step in to correct the behavior immediately. Performance StandardsPerformance standards are essential because it helps translate the job requirement into levels of acceptable or unacceptable worker behavior. It should state employee expectations for every duty performed.

The performance standards must align with the organizations set objectives. Interclean employees selected to the team have a reputation for being aggressive while their Envirotech counterparts have a background in solution cleaning development and good customer service. There is a need for the new sales team to be educated on sanitation, environmental regulations and OSHA standards. Performance standards for the new sales team must be set by the top level management and include the following: ??? Quantity and quality ??? Friendliness and helpfulness ??? Timeliness ??? Punctuality and outcomeQuantity and quality: The sales team is required to be trained on the environmental laws and regulations as it relates to quantity and quality of new sales. Friendliness and helpfulness: It is expected that the new sales team be trained to provide exceptional service and professional recommendations to customers. Also to find new customers, providing them advanced solutions information.

Timeliness: Sales operations by the sales team must be timely and effective in order to provide exceptional customer service to the customer. Punctuality and outcome: A reasonable level of punctuality must be established to maintain a decent level of productivity and ability to forecast on sales related issues Delivery MethodsThe delivery method will be a blend of the Goal theory and Behavior modeling . Goal theory: This particular theory puts things in perspective and sets a direct and relevant purpose to attain each set of objectives. Behavior modeling: This theory serves as an idea as to what constitutes appropriate behavior. The head of the sales team is expected to be a model to the team.

In other words, setting a behavior standard for subordinates to follow. Contents for training and mentoringThe contents of the training and mentoring include the following; ??? Sales process ??? OSHA standardsSales process: The approach to sales must be spelled out in relation to the new concept of solution based selling. OSHA standards: The sales team will need to be adequately educated on current developments in sanitation, environmental regulations, cleaning and solutions systems with compliance standards of OSHA. In regard to mentoring, top level sales managers must develop a comprehensive mentoring system that is compatible with the training process. Therefore, the mentoring program must have the following key elements; ??? New marketing techniques ??? Expanded knowledge on OSHA standards ??? Knowledge on regulatory and standard setting agencies ??? Laid out business planNew marketing techniques: The program will require a new and effective marketing technique for the sales team in order stay competitive with the ability to tap into new and existing market base to boost sales.

Expanded knowledge on OSHA standards: Training and mentoring should be tailored to OSHA standards to ensure strict compliance to rules and regulations of the industry. Knowledge on regulatory and standard setting agencies: These are regulations on issues like product safety, bio safety, hygiene, hazards, public health links and risk management. A laid out business plan: This must include a detailed marketing strategy, sales plan and good customer service. The objective of this is to increase sales and create awareness, which ensures customer loyalty. Time frameInterclean is in a transitional phase and business must continue regardless of new developments . The selected Envirotech workers will have to give their Interclean counterparts orientations related to full service cleaning solutions. This should be done by matching team members together.

Envirotech workers will provide the initial training and exposure to interclean workers. Training and mentoring should be a continuous process. But the major training should be completed within 3-4 months from inception, so as to meet the overall company goals. Evaluation methodsEvaluation methods for this program must be designed to evaluate newly trained team members. The method should be channeled to improve skill, knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and behavior of team members. The objective of the evaluation method is to measure the collective validity and reliability of the team. Additionally, the method must be designed to improve employee strength and spot weakness. Evaluations are done quarterly, semi annually and yearly.

In order to improve performance, evaluations should be done quarterly and structured in a way that the process is goal oriented. Feed backFeedback is an essential component of a good training and mentoring program. The process is structured to give results and measures the current position of all those participating and the training and mentoring program. The process is expected to take place immediately after evaluations have been done. Its immediacy will help motivate the trainer and trainee. The process helps both trainer and trainee improve areas of weakness.

Stake holders will be afforded the opportunity to adequately know the employee performance as it relates to the bottom-line (profit maximization). Feedback is usually gathered through surveys from customers, trainer and trainee. Alternative avenues for those who need further developmentIn the event of an employee needing further development after the training process is completed, immediate assistance should be given to such employees. Interclean should adopt the following. ??? Work shops and seminars ??? Team training ??? Executive coaching ??? Contracting an outside consultantWork shops and seminars: Regular workshops and seminars should be scheduled for those employees needing further development. Team training: Intra team training should be encouraged to help each employee. This will enhance team spirit and solidarity among team members.

Executive coaching: Managers and supervisors should step in and correct such a worker by showing them how to get the job done. Contracting an outside consultant: In this case, the company contracts an independent with the aim to train every level of workers in the organization. In conclusion, training and mentoring is essential to the workforce and that providing sufficient time and resources to the cause is of strategic importance to the organization. A good program must be goal oriented to suit the organization vision and mission statement. ReferenceCasio W (2006) Managing Human Resources: Productivity, quality of work life, profitsMacaulay S, Cook S (1997) Making mentoring work. Training for quality 5(1) p. 6

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