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Human resource management assignment

Where is the money bring made in the market? Who is the ideal customer for Jackass? FMC)are products that are very necessary to the low Income consumer, they are normally low price, low margin and high volume, In Kenya, It has a population of about 200,000 residents, which means they have high demand of FMC, also 80% of them live In tremendous poverty with an Income of only a few dollars a day, which means that they have very limited affordability of goods even those that are indispensable to their usual life, so low price products can be quite crucial and popular in this region. ) Describe the concept/service package that jackass should offer, and map it to the needs of the different stakeholders 1, efficient delivery: through distribution by bicycle, jackass should help the wholesalers get their produce to the kiosks in a more effective way , so that jackass can get market in this region. 2, security; jackass should make sure that goods can be delivered safely to the kiosks, since this area has high rate of robbery.

The stakeholders of jackals business include wholesales, kiosks, manufactures, sales representatives, consumers, first they would pay money timely to the wholesales, If those payment for goods stopped, then It Is difficult for manufactures to continue their production, since they need pay for material, salary of employee. Second, they should try to keep stable delivery to make sure that consumers can buy goods to sustain their daily life. ) How would you approach the bicycle sales representative challenge? How many Boss do you need to cover 100,000 kiosks? Safety is a big challenge for BBS, I think if will be more safe if they avoid of taking cash with them, so we need to find a way to change the payment teeth. Also this area has bad road conditions, which is also a big challenge for BBS to deliver the goods timely, so a efficient and reasonable routine plan is very necessary. ) Can the Jackals concept be imitated by competitors? What would you do to try to increase the entry barriers? I think the jackals concept can be Imitated by competitors,they can absolutely do the same business with lower price and efficient delivery, in China, we have the same examples, at beginning, there is only one delivery company, then in a short time, you can find many companies doing the same business.

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