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Human resource management

Human Resource Management Anita Zachettin’s article ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ argues that the bottom-line benefits of diversity in the workforce arerobust. She provides a significant array of evidence in supporting this position. For instance, she indicates that a diverse workforce contributes to innovative teams, happier employees, increased productivity, and better relationships with international associates. In further understanding diversity in the workplace Zachettin distinguishes between three key elements: multicultural teams, headquarters/subsidiary relationships and the local business context. The main argument is that the framework for a diverse workplace is contingent on the successful development of these three categories. The article indicates that the motivating and controlling factor for diversity in the workforce is the headquarters. In this way there is the recommendation to begin planning diversity at this stage and then extend it to subsidiary organizations. Diversity variables are also noted as an important notion in that they consider the changing nature of diversity based on region. The author indicates that multicultural teams are effective as the multiplicity of perspectives creates opportunities for increased innovation. To a large part the article downplays reasons against diversity, although there are a few instances. For instance, while multicultural teams may be good for innovation, it is also possible that the divergence of viewpoints and backgrounds causes increased troubles for collaboration. Ultimately I found this article insightful in the way that it attempted to establish a framework for implementing diversity in the workforce. Still, I believe that the article lacks the detail that is needed to truly enact change, as there will be different challenges for different labor environments.
Linda Gravett’s article ‘Diversity Efforts Can Support Business Imperatives’ considers diversity in terms of diverse business operations. For instance, there is the indication that businesses that are able to expand into international markets receive a greater competitive advantage. The author also makes the point that for organizations to increasingly survive they must consider diversity as a strong part of their missions and values. This vision of diversity refers to establishing a workforce with diverse talents and skills. Gravett later relays a story about working in Japan. During this period she was tasked with conducting a training program for her organization. The students were Japanese and refrained from asking questions during the instruction. At the end of the lesson Gravett discovered the students refrained from asking questions because to do so was against social custom in Japan. Gravett uses this anecdotal story to indicate the importance of supporting a diverse workplace. In other instances she ties diversity with enhancing one’s image within the community. There is the partial indication that diversity is a burden on the organization that must be accounted for through latent metrics. To a large extent it also appears that this article assumes a pandering attitude towards diversity. Rather than understanding diversity as something for the benefit of an equitable society, Gravett contextualizes diversity as something that is beneficial when used to strategically enhance an organization.

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