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Human resources and technology

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Human Resources and Technology Technology and globalization in its wake has brought numerous changes in the business world. Technology has reached toa level where one can operate from any part of the world without restriction and yet can do justice to the job assigned to them. In fact, it is most appropriate to state that technology has increased the pace of globalization in the recent years. Increasing globalization has put enormous pressure on HR managers to act with the same speed and pace as technology is causing those changes.
Richards (2013) argues that change in HR practices is not just enough but the change has to come with speed to make it more effective. Entrepreneurial spirit in the business organization greatly emphasizes on the speed of change in planning, implementing and executing the task at hand and HR needs to move equally as fast as the business needs demand. Accordingly, the organization expects from the HR team that they move fast and ” deliver high-value solutions that are executable at the speed of commerce” (Richards, 2013).
While deploying HR models in new markets, it is important to keep in mind local cultures and work ethics. While a firm is ready with a new joint venture in an alien land, HR has to get ready with the employee-friendly, cost-effective new models and solutions that adapt to the new conditions quickly.
Thus, HR’s role in the technology-driven globalized world has been even more relevant than ever before because mergers, alliances, acquisitions in the new international business environment will pose some of the serious challenges to HR managers on workforce deployment issues to provide maximum benefit to the organization.
Richards, L. J. (2013). How does HR Face the Challenge of Globalisation? Going Native in a
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