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Human resourse manager

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Bioentrepreneurship Experiment number: Human Resource Experiment Everyday managers in various organizations take initiatives of coming up with new ideas. As a human resource manager with technical skills in a pharmaceutical company I may propose to conduct a leadership transition experiment. The experiment is all about the transition from being a technical contributor to a manager which mostly becomes difficult for many managers to instill in upcoming employees. Mostly, many companies in the across the world give scientists responsibilities to conduct most of the experimental projects without considering training processes. Many companies manage the transition but experts conclude that they usually have it rough with when making changes thus need to make improvements.
The design of the experiment is based on the transition that occurs to management in any given business. Failure to management transition may occur in an organization when scientists believe that skills for supervision are learnt through experience. Benefits expected in this experiment include description of supervision opportunity to the intended management candidate. This is very important because the supervisor understands the fact that science and supervision in any given work is not a dangerous misconception as believed by majority. The supervisor understands that when recruiting any employee in whichever field one has to consider the mix of science and supervision if it is workable.
Another benefit is that, the supervisor is enlightened of the organizational needs that are constantly changing as a result of technical obsolescence setting in thus need to update his schedule to counteract or adapt these changes. The experiment also aids in considering the additional of supervisory responsibilities which inhibits scientists or engineers role. This directs one to determine whether or not that person has shown the interest in the work dedicated.
For this experiment, a random sample of 30 employees will be used considering the size of the company. The samples will be drawn from all five departments – six from each function of the company. Such a sample is expected to be truly representative of the company’s population of workers. The variables or factors in this case will include age, gender, experience level, and field of work. A random sample is used since it is easy to use compared to a probabilistic sample.
When conducting the experiment, non-responsiveness of respondents may hamper progress and lead to unreliable results. In addition, there may be cost constraints which may reduce the limit of the experiment. There may be cases of experimentor bias which could present itself in various forms. Such biases may render the results useless.
Other experiments done by human resource experts in the field include that on the impact of strategic human resource management on employee performance. In this experiment, a sample of 100 employees from a company was used, the company having a population of 500 workers. The research involved the use of a random sample, and there was a positive correlation between the use of strategic HRM practices and employee motivation and performance (Becker 779-802).
Another experiment involved the determination of human resource practices on employee motivation. The experiment was conducted on five companies with a sample of 200 employees. The sample was drawn systematically considering with an aim of ensuring that it was more representative of the population (Judge, Bono, Ilies and Gerhardt 771). The results of the study revealed a positive significant correlation between the two variables.
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