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Human services

Grant ProposalsC. Kelly ReaverHSM 270June 2, 2011Bonita ComerGrant ProposalsThe general attributes of a grant proposal are the purpose, function, and how a proposal relates to the program plan. All relate to bettering the lives of the citizens within the community. The purpose of a grant proposal is to communicate the ??? vision??? of an organization to grantors or funders in hopes of relaying the need within a community and the goals of an organization to meet those needs. The purpose of a grant proposal is closely related to an organizations??™ mission statement.

The function of a grant proposal is to clearly state objectives and proposed activities for a program or organization based on needs assessments, research, logic model, and most importantly critical thinking. The function of a proposal will address a target population, and will include objectives, budget, commitment, and all the major guidelines and regulations, in great detail. This is where an organization convinces the funders that the program is important to a community and this is the best organization to provide the services planned, and make them want to give that organization the grants needed. Grant proposals are related to a program plan in that it outlines the objectives, mission, and commitment to a community and society based on services needed to better the lives of those citizens in need. Without a need there would be no program plan, or a need for a grant. That would be in a perfect world, however, most all communities need some sort of community action to enhance the lives of those that struggle with different aspects of their lives. Human services organizations strive to better lives, and need outside funding to do so.

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