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Huntsman school of business

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The paper ” Huntsman School of Business” is an excellent example of an education essay. Professional business schools such as Utah hold a business seminar to talk about the latest trends and share the best practices in the industry. Annually, seminars of topics that range from marketing to leadership, to customer service and information technology are being conducted. One of these seminars is the Marketing Seminar held last November 12, 2009. It was primarily a sharing of marketing strategies from leaders in the industry. Topics such as achievement of growth, customer loyalty and return on marketing investments were discussed. Specifically, it discussed the opportunities of marketing through the internet. Earlier than the marketing seminar was the 35th Annual Operational Excellence Seminar. The seminar was timely as it addressed the issues of “ wastes in the business and how to remove these wastes and improve efficiency” (Jon M. Huntsman School of Business). “ The increased productivity of workers translates into real dollar savings for the company. With experts from all areas of “ Lean” sharing their experiences, insights, and expertise, the Operational Excellence seminar will provide the tools and skills necessary to help any company wherever they are on their ‘ Lean’ journey”   (Jon M. Huntsman School of Business). Lastly, the customer service seminar aimed to help the participants broaden their scope and enlarge the customer base through the delivery of world-class service. Specifically, the seminar aimed to equip participants with knowledge of successful incentives and loyalty programs and how to develop a profitable relationship with the customer.

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