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I despite having a degree in master’s

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I hail from a small city of India – Patna, formerly known as Patliputra, which is the origin of Buddhism and also serves as a sacred city for religions like ‘ Jainism’, ‘ Hinduism’ and ‘ Sikhism’.

India is a land of endless diversity. The large population enhances the indian cultural identity and diversity as across the different geographical and religious lines. Exposure to such diverse cultural experiences made me the woman I am today. I have grown to know, understand, respect and admire the myriad of cultures present across the globe. Families are the building blocks of a society. I grew up in a joint family, which exposed me to different learning experiences of life such as the importance of cooperation, teamwork, perseverance, and mutual understanding. I learnt to respect individuals irrespective of one’s age. All these factors assimilated together to make me a unique individual who can contribute to a diverse class and diverse world.

My parents have been the biggest influence on me while growing up. They always inspire me to succeed. My father taught me that there is no substitute to hard work. Having lost his father at a very tender age, he had to give up his ambitions of pursuing Engineering in Computer Science to support his family’s economic conditions. His sincere efforts and sheer conviction towards his goals led him to become a Marine Engineer and currently he is serving as a Captain in Merchant Navy. Despite having a degree in Master’s in Economics, my mother chose to give up her career to take care of her children. I have always aspired to fulfill my parent’s incomplete dreams. They always envisioned the best for their children and gave them premier education which led to my elder sister becoming a Doctor and my younger brother a Computer Science Engineer in making from one of the best universities of India.

Blessed with a family that understands the values of good education, I share the same resolve that they have and this enabled me to be amongst the toppers in my class throughout. In 2011, I earned a Gold Medal for securing the top most rank in Mathematics in High School. Furthermore, I ranked under 10, 000 in AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Exam) in a total of 1. 1 million students who applied for the exam placing me in the top 1% student in my country. Making my parents proud I got admitted into Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, a premier institute for engineering in India as an Electronics and Communication undergraduate. Throughout my undergraduate course, I constantly strived to perform the best to my capacities which assisted me to excel in academics. I also involved myself in multiple co-curricular activities that also involves being a Radio Jockey for my college radio station – “ Radio Reverb”. I also took up teaching underprivileged kids in the village near to my college campus.

In my two years of work experience, in addition to gaining technical expertise, I got an opportunity to provide vital contributions to society. Coming from a humble background, I have always known the value of education and their availability. As a member of the organizations, Rakshana Charitable Trust and Hariharanda Balashram, I teach Mathematics to underprivileged children, also providing financial aid towards the education of 3 students every month. I try never to waste any materials in my possession, be it old clothes, and usually I donate what is excess for me. Also, through my firm’s CSR initiative, I actively participated in a campaign that aims to improve health and social development outcomes of communities, with a focus on uplifting women by creating an awareness of menstrual hygiene .

“ When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho. While growing up, I read the book “ The Alchemist” that forms the epitome of my belief that nothing worth having ever comes easy. This thought always inspires me to have my eyes at my goal and settle for nothing less than achieving it. I can describe myself as a person who strives for excellence, present myself to my peers with dignity and respect as I would like to be treated. My innovative skills and my infectious enthusiasm will only contribute to the vibrancy of your esteemed university. My unique individuality will be a valuable asset to your university and I will strive to shine amongst the bright minds present on the campus.

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