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Ihrm training and development assignment

International training and development International training process Is one of the most Important parts of overall successful company’s and employees’ Implementation Into new area. The process usually consist certain and specific stages which help to achieve the best result In adopting and transferring knowledge and competence among different units of the company. Figure 1 represents the stages of preparation for international assignments and directly shows the connection between recruitment/selection and training/ development which is crucial for successful expatriation.

Training stage is usually divided Into few most common parts which are pre-departure training, short-term International assignments and development of an employee’s tasks. Figure 1 Training goals The most important goals of training for international assignment is to prepare the potential expatriate to successfully adapt into new culture and acquire the objectives set by organization. In other words training goals are achieved not only when the company Is able to organize It’s business profitably In the hosting country, but also manages to create certain values and conveniences for assigned expatriates.

In case of Loyal company, the professional preparation for expatriation should be taken in consideration very seriously as the cultural and business differences starting from organizational structure to government’s position between Philippines and Australia are quite visible even that Australia is considered one of the top countries for International businesses. However, Loyal Is recognized to be one of the best company in management of organization and this could only state that It would be able to successfully prepare employees for expatriation to Australia. Training needs

Considering the training needs for expatriation It Is a must to perform certain analysis such as persons and specific requirements need analysis. Persons analysis would conclude what type of employees would be the best options to choose and requirements analysis would suggest what specific skills would be necessary to be successfully implemented into a host country. Finally, this would lead to easier decisions in choosing the numbers of expatriates sent. As the Lass’s corporation selected opening It’s new subsidiary In Australia, the best option would be to send entry nationals.

This would not only allow to adapt company itself and it’s expatriates much easier, but would also let to benefit in company’s finances. This is because Australia like a host country is the second most expensive location in the region to using expatriation. According To Sea’s International expatriate survey made, the average costs of the overall package needed for middle-level expatriate made more than Cultural awareness training Preliminary visits Language instruction Assistance with practical day-to-day matters

Security briefings The pre-departure training stage is considered to be one the most important part of overall training process. It is a necessity for Loyal to designate special attention to it and include all the components of this type of stage. Expatriates should be introduced with the differences between management styles of organizations, business environment, government’s policies and regulations. This cultural awareness training should be followed by short-term preliminary visits to the host country which would let the expatriate to get familiarized with the new culture, engage and etc.

After prospective visits, language instruction should be organized following by assistance with practical day-today-matters. Finally, purposeful and suitable reports would help to properly assess the performance and identify mistakes. Training methods There are Readings, panel, lecture, demonstration, Case studies, role plays, simulations. (IN Australia goes down. ). Training length mostly depends on expatriates personality and experience. Training length is very difficult to measure as it depends on many variables.

Although, when many decides to expand internationally for the first time, as in Lass’s case it would take more time. The management has to meet specific requirements in a host country, assess the risk of a failure and begin preparing the outgoing employees. Training length is very difficult to measure as it depends on many variables and requires adequate preparation time so for the employee, so for the company.

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