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Impact of internet marketing assignment

Advertising in the phone book or a newspaper is expensive, especially if you want an ad that has a presence on the page. An ad in an Internet directory is generally free, and you can include links directing customers to your Web site for more information. And because you can provide customers with a wealth of information, they no longer have to pick up the phone to have their questions answered. Although you don’t need a Web site to register your site in an online directory, your marketing efforts will be much more effective if you have your own site. The first thing to do is to register a domain name.

The name of your business is usually a good place to start, because it can help to build your brand and will be easy for customers to remember. If that’s not available, you may have to settle for another name. Before you commit, give your domain name serious consideration; the name you choose will be your company’s online identity for years to come. Once you choose your domain name, you’ll need to build a professional Web site. You can use templates provided by your Web host, hire a Web designer to develop your site, or use software to design it your self.

The difficult part is to rise above the crowd and differentiate yourself from your competition. This is where a well thought out Internet marketing plan can help. Here are the main components of any good online marketing plan: Registering your site with search engines and directories * Optimizing your site for search engines * Sponsoring search engine keywords * Building a database of customer email addresses * Sending email newsletters * Buying online ads The Internet has grown into a necessary utensil for today’s business.

Having online presence of your business is paramount to pit yourself against competitors. The widespread use of search engines has brought about people routinely surfing the net for good or services needed at a particular moment. It has been widely reported that small businesses using online advertising grow faster than their competitors. This is due to the fact that, Internet marketing provides exciting prospects for business to increase sales and reduce costs, since online advertising is cheaper than the traditional adverts in newspapers and phenomenon.

Furthermore, small businesses can greatly benefit from online advertising since online marketing provides a bigger sense of accountability. It is more flexible and allows firms to assess the impact of a campaign in an easier way than any other offline marketing media. Internet Marketing equips small and home based businesses with the opportunity to ponder n the expenditure of their online campaign, and tweaking can take place almost immediately if aspects of an online campaign are not being as successful as expected.

With the use of web analytics Small businesses can track their ROI, examine the conversion rate they are having, and have an idea of their overall performance at a glance. Consequently, small businesses can lay the foundations for their success with the help of online marketing. A well thought out marketing strategy must contain the next points: * SEE must be the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy, making your website more search engine compatible. SEE gives small businesses the opportunity to attract relevant visitors to their Websites.

These visitors are very likely to be leads as a result of the search they are performing. * A small part of the budget should go to PC, sponsoring keywords related to your goods or services. * Promote your brand on social media, such as, Backbone, Twitter, and forums related to your industry. Social media platforms should be a priority. Social media gives small business the chance to expose themselves to the wider public and promote their products and services.

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