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Individual project report

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YouTube has become a cultural phenomenon. YouTube videos become memetic crazes, water cooler conversation fodder. It appears to cut across race, gender and cultural boundaries, everyone using it to send videos to friends, have a laugh or communicate. Team [X] Marketing proposes to use YouTube to promote FSO’s Internet Advertising programs. YouTube is cross-demographic: Anyone with an Internet connection, either at work or at home, can access it. Millions of viewers use it daily. Thus, we have every expectation that the people who are likely to view it are cross-sectional across demographics. However, we can expect some of the following demographic skews in our advertising: 1. Mostly people in America, Europe and Japan will be viewing. Many areas of the Third World have intermittent Internet access and bad bandwidth, so streaming video is difficult to imagine. 2. There will likely be an additional skewing towards white middle-class viewers. 3. People interested in our campaign will likely be people of around college-going age, 18-35, interested in upwardly mobile education and professional positions. They will likely be of middle-class backgrounds. Using YouTube to reach out to the market of people online is a brilliant move for a variety of reasons. 1. It is self-demonstrating. We will be showing people how to do online advertising while we are promoting a school that does online advertising. 2. The type of people who are likely to be interested in getting into online advertising and experienced with the type of social networks used to create viral marketing are the people watching YouTube videos. A recent Super Bowl ad had advertising executives discussing how to construct a commercial, with the commercial changing as they brainstormed. It was a funny, self-aware advertisement for a car that also satirized the advertising industry. Some videos in that vein could easily be produced and could be quite funny. We could show products in standard advertising formats then have either debates going on as to how to present it or dry narration that underscores the construction in a comical juxtaposition with the highly polished presentation. Something that is easy to do could be to have a relatively ordinary product, like a water bottle, open up the frame. One person would argue in voiceover for the campaign to just show it in clean, white backgrounds; another person would argue to go for the 13-25 demo by making it “ extreme”, at which point the camera could cut to the water bottle erupting as someone skates around. Individual demographics could also be targeted using established techniques for appealing to women, Latina/os, African-Americans, etc.

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