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Institutional review board guidelines

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Review for post no. 1 by Toronica

The learner posted several important ideas regarding the guidelines used by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The concept that caught my attention was the provision concerning the use of children as subjects. It was stated that the parents and the children must be actively involved and consulted at every stage of the research or experiment. The waivers and the hierarchy of four levels of risk and associated benefits are dependent on the specifications for parental permission and child assent requirements. This information would be very beneficial if I would venture in a study that requires the use of children as subjects. With this knowledge, I will be equipped with the necessary data so as to protect the welfare of my subjects and the integrity of the research.

More so, the learner also cited that all ethical issues and IRB guidelines are useful particularly the guidelines pertaining to informed consent. All the data regarding the subject matter should be shared with the subjects in order for them to be informed about their rights and privileges. Having known this, I will be able to take care of the safety of my subjects if given the chance to carry out my own research.

Overall, all that the learner had mentioned in the post are very helpful specifically to those who want to develop an efficient and effective IRB form and plan. It is important to note that every human life is valuable. In every research or experiment that utilizes humans as subject matter, it is imperative that the scientists or researchers make sure that they inform and protect the rights and well-being of their subjects. More so, their research and their use of humans as subjects should be supported by their objectives and purpose. It is crucial that they prove that their research is for the advancement of the interests of mankind.

Review for post no. 2 by Dennison

The learner gave a detailed explanation about the importance and the limitations of implementing informed consent in a research that uses human beings as its subjects. More so, I found out that according to the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, fraud or deception are not permissible with regards to informing the subjects about the possible physical risks, discomfort, or unpleasant experiences that can go along with the research. Researchers and scientists must be completely honest with the participating subjects in order for the subjects to be aware and also to be ready about the possible consequences of the research.

However, giving too much information can present some drawbacks such as information overload wherein the participants are overwhelmed by the various data that are introduced to them to the point that they do not understand anymore the purpose and objectives of the research. On the other hand, researchers opt to give vague information so as not to compromise the content and integrity of the research. To prevent these two problems from manifesting, researchers or scientists must be able to adhere to the moral and ethical standards imposed by the IRB without being to ambiguous or excessive. Every procedure and experiment should be done in moderation.

In any research and experiment, the organizers should always put into consideration the consequences or effects of it in order to minimize and eliminate the likelihood of endangering human existence. The primary goal should always be for the development and improvement of the way of living of human beings. More so, it should not be the other way around wherein humans will fall as the victims to this kind of studies or research.

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