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Integrated models and performance

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Integrative Models and Performance Integrative Models and Performance This chapter discusses about the important contributions of integration of a healthcare system. According to the author, an organization offering healthcare services should come up with strategies to integrate and properly organize all the activities. To achieve it, there needs to be a good design of the general structure of the whole system. When a responsive design is implemented, the needs of the surrounding populations would be met and satisfied accordingly. This goal can be achieved because such commitments obviously result into improved and high value healthcare services.
In explaining the integrated healthcare system, the author presents two types of integration models. In model one: IDS or MSGP with a Health Plan, the author describes, with examples how an organization can apply insurance and other managerial strategies to best serve its patients. By giving and example of North Carolina-based Kaiser Permanente Hospital’s Patient-Panel Management Plan, the article provides an insight on such integration. Having carried out a feasibility study, the hospital realized that it has a diverse category of patients who have special needs to be addressed based on their demands. Thus, it has managed to improve the quality of service delivery. The same trend is seen in Model Two in which reputable facilities like Mayo Clinic and Partners Healthcare have gained significance success because of their integrated insurance covers.
I would like to point out that this is a great article. The chapter touches on one of the most significant areas in healthcare. Actually, provision of high-value service should be the core goal for every organization. As a healthcare provider, a lot of care should be taken to ensure that the patients are satisfied. Once deliberate efforts are made to help the patients to improve their heath conditions, the hospital would have achieved a major objective. At all times, each medical facility should have a deeper understanding of those whom it serves.
By using insurance or non-insurance services, the management can still perfectly respond to its patients’ needs. This was demonstrated by Kaiser Permanente which, through its Patient-Panel Plan, managed to categorize its patients into Primary Care; Assistance Care Management; and Intensive Case and Specialty Care so as to make it much easier for the physicians and doctors to effectively serve them based on the level of their needs. It was indeed a good initiative that made it much easier for the hospital to accomplish its goals.
In conclusion, I would like to concur with the author for stating that each and every healthcare organization needs to deliver its full potential care services. Convenient accessibility to medical care is paramount to everyone. However challenging it might appear, integrated approach can help a great deal. After identifying the most appropriate model that suits an organization, there should be a continuous coordination, value-based leadership, accountability, patient engagement, interdisciplinary team work and aligned provider and organizational incentives. These are great initiatives that can work miracles in any healthcare organization as evidenced in Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic and Partners Healthcare.

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