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Internal control, and cash

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Inventory control system Yoder Brothers Grocery Stores like any other store can safeguard inventory in many ways. The suggested way in the conversation is one of them though it has a high chance of being overstepped. To prevent checkout clerks from stealing inventory, I would suggest that the store installs an integrated security system. The system should be able to detect inventories fitted with keepers, bottle security for wines, wraps, hard tags, and show safe on high theft and most expensive items before they reach the cashier. On the low risk and theft items, every cashier should be installed with a security scanning system that detects every bar code from any corner of the item. This will avoid any cashier passing an item without reading the price.
The final part of the integrated security system should be at the exit. The store should have an exit check-view monitor where every item should pass before leaving the store. The exit monitor should be programmed in a way that it ticks out every item that has been checked out from the system through the cashier as well as recognize very item that has not been checked out from any cashier. Upon discovering an item that has not been checked out, the exit monitor should sound an alarm where the person holding the item will be requested to get back for a search. This will not only get the cashier that is planning to steal from the store, but it will also get the shoplifters that most of the time make a way with items.

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