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My experience in the various diverse and wide an exceptionally fortunate field of leadership under correct management have evolved around many educational projects. As a project manager in the human resource management in commercial bank, I did experience quite a lot of effective realization of the smooth leadership skills. These enabled me to move a greater height in the implementation of the various and core leadership skills in the managerial project.
The managerial experience which I acquired in the management of people and relevant project budgets , puddle me a greater height in the acquisition of the supervisory skills whicheffectively elevates the smooth running of the project. This led me in the acquisition of the relevant professional experience in the branch of accounting in which I did expertise on. This consequently has to a greater height enhanced the managerial-level responsibilities which have become part of me.
In addition to this, the leadership skills of courage, positive dedication and ability to persuade have over time become the part of me in the essence that I got entrusted to gigantic duties in the bank of handling huge budgetary finances that can reach even to $6 million. This was not only the achievement but also I have kept , developed and accurately maintained the financial reports that have continuously over the auditing time matched with the financial records of the banking institution.
I have also inculcated the various methodologies in the process of initiating and developing policies and procedures to improve the performance of my team. One of these methodologies is performance enhancement plans within my organization. Also I chaired various committees both internal and external which have framed the various policies to enhance the performance of the organization and profit attainment.
Leadership is the art of guiding a group of people so that they are motivated to achieve a particular goal. It involves persuading people to follow your direction. A leader establishes the goals, share those goals and provide necessary information and methods to achieve those goals. It entails establishing influencing followers in a given direction. It involves mobilizing people to attain a given task.
Leading and management differs in the ways and methods of motivating people to work so as to attain their goals. Leading people involves having followers in order to accomplish the desired goals while management involves giving instructions to the subordinates so as to meet the deadlines therefore leading is transformational in nature while managing involves a transactional style. Leadership entails pursuing a vision in the longer span of time while management involves meeting goals and objectives in the short term.
Leaders put a lot of attention on the wellbeing and affairs of the people but managers concentrate their efforts on the task. Leaders approaches their work by giving the directives on how work should be done while managers approaches their work by formulating plans of action. A leader helps to enable decision making while managers plays the decision making role. Leadership involves using the charismatic power to persuade followers to work while management involves using the authoritative power to make subordinates perform their duties. Leaders have a passionate drive to influence their followers while managers’ control subordinates while performing their duties. Leaders do not fear risks while managers try as much as possible to avoid risks so as to reduce chances of losing their jobs.

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