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There are quite a number of arguments on the existence of God. First is the ontological argument that seeks to prove that God exists based on reason. It argues that one does not necessarily have to prove any evidence to justify God’s existence. This in my opinion is the paramount argument, as the existence of God seems to be too obvious to doubt. The fact that there is a God makes sense to most people.

The first cause argument is also used to argue a case for God’s existence. Here, God is presumed to exist given theexistence of the universe. It explains that the universe must have originated from an authority or force outside it. This external authority is now what represents God (Evans 87). This argument can be used to explain God’s existence to people who are practical and tend to require a proof for most things. It offers one an insight into the external force through which the universe came into being.

There is also the argument from design also used to explain the existence of God. It argues that God must be in existence for the universe to be in its orderly form. It explains that were it not for the existence of God, the universe would be in total chaos (Overman 121). That is if it were to be in existence in the first place. This argument carries a lot of weight as it depicts God as an orderly being who does things in a systematic manner.

Other arguments for God’s existence include; the moral argument, the argument from miracles and argument from Holy Scripture, among others. All these arguments seek to offer undoubted conviction that God does exist. They also tend to concur with beliefs of the majority about the existence of a higher authority that oversees the entire universe. These arguments serve to cement my belief that God exists.

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