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It low is more open to foreign cultures.

It is the name of theframe used to measure the level of intercultural communication of an entity, aninstitution, or an entity that constitutes an asset in a social structure, andis referred to by Geert Hosted for the first time.

It can be said that thetheory has been used by different disciplines for many different purposes. Forexample, intercultural social behaviors are used in different areas such associology, international management and marketing, communication. In additionto all these, it is also used to measure the extent to which people from manydifferent cultures have come together to work on social networks, how tonavigate on the internet, or how open a community is to different cultures.

2PowerDistance IndexIt questions the ideas ofmembers of an organization or social structure about power distribution andseeks to find which of the two extremes is closer in the form of equal orunbalanced distribution of power. The fact is that the ones who are close to thegentle are defending the power equally, and the defenders of those who are notevenly distributed the power are talking about the gentleness in theorganizations. From this point of view, it can be argued that the organizingculture is developed in organizations with a close sense and that thedemocratic atmosphere is more open. When examined at the cultural level, it isseen that the close organizations are more open to different cultures.

.Individualism VsCollectivism Aggregation is used to measure how involvedindividuals are. In societies where the concept of individuality is high, itcan be said that individual interests and goals are ahead of social interestsand targets. The fact that people feel themselves as a member of a group as anindividual forms the basic two extremes of the index.

In terms of interculturalflexibility, it can be said that the social organizations in which individualsare regarded as individuals and whose concept of belonging is low is more opento foreign cultures. US scores higher on Individualism. They just think oftheir own family. France is shown to be an individualist society.

Parents maketheir children emotionally independent with regard to groups in which theybelong. This means that one is only supposed to take care of oneself and one’sfamily.Uncertainty avoidanceIndicator showing how pleasant a socialorganization is towards uncertainty or ambiguity. The capacity to acceptuncertainty is anxious for any ambiguity in low societies, and it is expectedthat the rules or solutions will be created that make every situation morespecific. However, it can be said that the cultural relations of the societiesthat accept the high uncertainties are higher. These cultures are more open tochange and have higher levels of respect for new culture and new ideas.The US scores well below average on theUncertainty Avoidance dimension. .

As a consequence, the perceived context inwhich Americans find themselves will impact their behavior more than if theculture would have either scored higher or lower. France French culture scoreshigh on Uncertainty Avoidance. The French don’t like surprises. Structure andplanning are required.Masculinity VsFeminine  The index that determines how the roles betweenthe sexes are emotionally distributed. In masculine societies, values are morebased on competition, power, and concrete objects. On the other hand, values infeminine communities are based on relationships, quality of life and feelings.

In feminine societies, the gender of the woman or the man has no precaution andis treated equally to the individual. In literature, the concepts of”numerical life” (masculine) and “quality life (feminine)”are used instead of “masculine” or “feminine” to disturbreaders from some communities or cultural backgrounds.US on Masculinity are high. This can be seen inthe typical American behavioral patterns. This can be explained by thecombination of a high Masculinity drive together with the most individualisticdrive in the world. In other words, Americans, so to speak, all show theirmasculine drive individually. France has a somewhat feminine culture.

At facevalue this may be indicated by its famous welfare system (securité sociale),the 35-hour working week, five weeks of holidays per year and its focus on thequality of life. French culture in terms of the model has, however, anotherunique characteristic. The upper class scores feminine while the working classscores masculine.

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