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Job description week assignment

The Management Associate II will perform duties of high complexity, judgment, and scope which include designing new reports, maintaining various porting structures, producing and distributing various reports, and managing the overall reporting framework within the Peoples, IDS, and Kaufman Hall software systems. The Management Associate II should be able to work independently with a minimal amount of supervision from the Finance Manager. The ideal candidate for this position should be detail-oriented and highly-analytical.

The candidate should be able to concentrate on a particular subject matter for an extended period of time. The candidate must be able to work accurately and efficiently in a fast-paced environment with many assignments subject to critical deadlines that must be achieved. Many of the essential functions of this position must be performed on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis; therefore, the candidate must thrive in a highly-dynamic environment where 20% of the work is repetitive and recurring in nature and 80% is project-based, dados reporting and analysis.

Reporting Function: I en Management Escalate II Walton ten CHASMS Reporting Group Is primarily responsible for creating accurate and timely Kaufman Hall reports. Three main elements are required for this position to achieve success: Standardization, accuracy, and timeliness. Standardization includes maintaining a cohesive structure to the reports produced for different audiences which includes but is not limited to titles, headers, footers, layout, font sizes, font types, and margins. Accuracy implies that each report ties to the source financial system that it is created from.

As such, reconciliation to the source system should be performed after the creation of each new report. Any differences are to be corrected or noted and explained prior to final submission. Finally, timeliness includes meeting all monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting deadlines for internal and external audiences. Dados reports are expected to be produced timely as required. In addition to the requirements for report creation, this position is required to accurately and timely maintain this reporting infrastructure within the Kaufmann Hall reporting system.

Report development and presentation are key components of this role. Monthly financial reports are maintained and created by this position based on the needs and requirements of the CHEM. Operations, CHI Finance, and CHEM. Finance groups. As such, the development phase of this role exists in a very fast-paced, dynamic environment which requires a solid understanding of the reporting structure, as well as flexibility in managing work loads. Report presentation is vital to the success of this role, as a majority of the reports developed are distributed outside of the Reporting Group.

As such, the presentation and maintenance of these files/spreadsheets/processes is critical to the success of the Reporting Group. System Maintenance Function: System maintenance in Kaufman Hall is a primary responsibility and includes updating and maintaining the business unit and department structure within the Kaufman Hall dimension fields. This maintenance requires a detailed understanding of the General Ledger structure from a business unit, department, and account perspective as well as from an organizational hierarchy perspective.

In a typical month with about twenty working-days, the Management Associate II will devote his/her time to the following activities: – Monthly reporting package which is circulated to Senior Management – Builds/ maintains dados reports for various audiences including but not limited to financial and operational personnel as well as external users – Creates reports to be put into reduction for Kaufman Hall system On a quarterly basis, the Management Associate II will be responsible for the following: – Builds/maintains dados reports for various audiences including but not limited to financial and operational personnel as well as external users On an annual basis, the Management Associate II will be responsible for the following: – Assist wit n ten preparation AT Educate Tort Toweling Itasca year – Prepare annual budget reporting package for Senior Management Must be able to work in an office environment. Work requires walking, standing, sitting, lifting, reaching, bending, pulling and pushing.

Must be able to lift 50 pounds in weight and handle office equipment and supplies. Requires the ability to communicate affectively both orally and written. Must speak fluently and write grammatically correct English. Must have intact sense of sight, hearing, touch, and finger dexterity. Graduation from an accredited four-year institution of higher learning with concentration of courses in Accounting/Finance. Prefer candidates with three to four years of reporting experience, an information systems background and basic programming skills. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented with excellent report rating skills. Management reporting experience is required.

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