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Job interview presentation

Job Interview Presentation Sport facility management is a key towards achieving the best out of sports. Poorly managed sport facilities have less income and are not impressive to the customers. Proper management ensures that the facility is optimized in order to maximize the revenues raked in from the facilities. This is a study on one Kienbaum Sports Centre. The study focuses on various aspects of the sports facility which is located approximately 37 kilometers from Berlin to the East. (Kienbaum Sports, 2015) . The facility is mainly used by athletes and other indoor games for practice and other activities such as swimming and body building as well as martial art sports.
Job Interview Presentation
Kienbaum Sport Centre draws some revenue from funding by the German government. The trainees who seek the services from the facility also have to pay some money to pay for the training program. The facility is located in a place where schools and institutions such as churches and civic and social clubs are not a common place since it is some way far from Berlin. Therefore, the possibility that students and such other interested groups attend the facility is low, though sometimes they are allowed to visit. The facility contains have many equipment and facilities for sports such as judo and weight lifting. There are showers as well as café tables, locker rooms and well managed reception area. They have a medical examination rooms where practicing people can access medical care. All the areas of different sports are of high quality and are being upgraded.
The facility is also well staffed and the staff members are well trained to dispense their duties in the most professional way possible. The services provided are of exceptional quality owing to the expertise of their staff members. Outside the facility, there is high quality and ample parking area for the visitors who may visit in cars, the parking space is well maintained and well tarmacked giving a positive show of the facility. There is also a parking attendant who directs visitors on where to park their cars.
The facility has a very good impression. From the outside, it is well furnished and attractive to the eye. From the inside, the compound is conspicuously clean and the amenities provided in the facility are high end. The facility has a well maintained environment which gives one a sense of enjoyment. The staff at the reception is friendly which reflects on the nature of all the other staff. All these create a very positive impression of the sports facility as a whole.
The experience at the facility has definitely been of so much help to me in my educational journey. The experience has opened me up to the real elements of a well-managed sports facility. Among other things, I have learnt of the possible sources of sport facility funding, I have also understood clearly the importance of proper staffing to the excellence of a sport facility. In conclusion, the Kienbaum Sports facility is a reminiscence of a well-managed sport facility.
Kienbaum Sports. (2015, February 11). Welcome to Kienbaim Sports. Retrieved from Kienbaum Sports: http://www.kienbaum-sport.de/en/about-us/sports-centre-kienbaum/

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