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Job title costumer-service

Job Title Costumer-Service Representative Agent Job Summary Serves customers and sellers in half. Com by providing information and services. Acts as a connector from costumers, sellers and the employee in half. Com towards on questions, deal with and help resolve any customer complaints, and improving the costumers satisfaction related to service and activities in half. Com. Maintaining the relationship between costumers and sellers accordance with the company’s guidelines and policies. Relationship Reports to : Supervisor of Customer Service

Supervises : Costumer Service staff in e-Bays facility In Salt Lake City Works with : Employee who has responsibilities on database and human-resources worker External Relationship : Buyers and Sellers QualificationsEducation: Diploma or bachelor’s degree In fieldCommunication, Business, and Management Ability Communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing Strong detail orientation and communication/listening skills. Has a pleasant, patient and friendly attitude Strong decision making and analytical abilities Skills Basic computer and technological knowledge Administrative procedures and information processing

Customer relationship principles and practices Essential Responsibilities Resolves product or service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaint; determining the cause of the problem: selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem Questions 1. Does the day diary include sufficient information ? Yes, The day diary provides sufficient information describing how Mr.. Ryan Job summary and Job description of Bill Ryan does in a day. 2. Identify the specific Information In the article that you found useful The specific information that I found useful in the article is about the mechanism of hones and emails. . What additional information do you require ? How would that information help you? Additional information that I need is detail information about the Ryan supervisor and how is reporting and whether he is reporting directly to team leader, supervisor, and any other person. I need information about Ryan supervisor structure to write his reporting responsibilities. I also need information about how he communicates with the co-worker and supervisor either through email or telephone or any process and how much salary of Bill Ryan each months.

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