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Properties investment can only be a perfect investment as it is a winning game that you can`t lose as long as the location is good. 90% of World`s millionaires became so through owning their real estate. Furthermore, to investing in properties, you can live in it or use it as a place to do business. Moreover, property is upgradeable, solid collateral, excellent leverage, tax relief, stability or even can earns rental income from it. Based on our assignment question, we must search more information about the Kampar Residensi Project and determine whether it is worth to invest or better we wait for better one to come.Benua Tegas Sdn Bhd is launching a development of 62 units of 3-storey terrace houses namely “Kampar Residensi” at Taman Mahsuri Impian, Kampar, Perak. The location of this development is just nearby the campus of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) at Bandar Baru Kampar, Perak.

The developer was building terrace houses that are solely suitable to be used as the hostels for students studying at UTAR. Each of the terrace houses were designed and built with 13 bedrooms to maximize the utilization of space in order to provide the maximum rental yield.The houses selling price was at RM438,800 onwards. According to the estimation of the developer in the marketing flyers, the rental per room is at RM350 per month. In order to make this property investment even more attractive to outstation and foreign buyers, the developer also provides management service for owners in collecting rents and maintenance of the houses.

The maintenance and security charges for each house are at RM150 per month. The management fee is 10% of the total rental to be collected.

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