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Knowledge is the ultimate power

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Knowledge is the Ultimate power by jayaram Dear friends, have you ever gazed at the night sky and wondered “ What is this Universe? Why is the universe the way it is? Where did we come from? How long our Earth and human race last for? ” I think everybody has these questions at least once in their life and we may have a little bit answers. If you want to get better answers, you must read an awesome book called “ A brief history of time” written by Stephen William Hawking mainly for a layman. Stephen William Hawking is a cosmologist, Physicist and Mathematician who is believed to be one of the greatest minds and a living genius.

How you will feel if one day you come to know that you are going to die within two years? We will lose our heart. We will lose our futuredreams. Some fellows will start to enjoy whatever they wanted to enjoy in their entire life. Some fellows even will try tosuicideor start to abuse the God like why the god cursed me? The Same thing happened to Hawking. At the age of 21 he was diagnosed with the incurable disease ALS shortly before his marriage, and doctors said he would lost control of his muscles day by day and would not survive more than two years.

At first, Hawking was shocked and upset. He could not find any reason for living except one goal to complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all. He lost the use of his arms and legs. Fortunately the progress of his illness slowed down Despite his growing physical disabilities, he determined to live and make professional progress in the world ofscience. Hawking explained the beginning of the universe with the help of black holes which Einstein couldn’t answer.

Unfortunately at the age of 42, Hawking caught pneumonia and had a tracheotomy operation, which made him voiceless and as of now he has been almost completely paralyzed. To communicate he has been using a voice synthesizer which auto-completes the words entered through a sensor on his cheek. He can speak only 4 words for a minute. Inspite of all disabilities he wrote 6 books through which he changed the perception of human beings about the universe. He had a zero-gravity space flight to encourage public interest in space.

He had an attractivefamily. He got Presidential Medal of Freedom the highest civilian honor in the United States. He is the king of cosmology not because of political power; he has everything not because he is a billionaire. He is a celebrity not because he is a Hollywood or pop hero. He has sold more books on physics than Madonna has on sex. All is because of his search for truth, Quest for Knowledge and knowledge is the ultimate power. The world of knowledge is waiting for our contribution. Let us add something to it.

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