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Knowledge management challenges managers face


The purpose of the research study was to find issues which team managers face regarding knowledge management in teams having transient work force. The study focuses on London Borough.

The temporary workers need some specific knowledge and training before they get on to the work but due to time shortage the necessary knowledge transfer does not happen. Also, when they leave the organization their knowledge is not captured properly. Every organisation has theircultureand beliefs which are manipulated due to transient workforce. In such scenario, the team manager needs to effectively manage the creation, capture, share and transfer of knowledge.

The article uses thecase studyapproach with semi-structuredinterviewtechnique to analyse and find what roles team mangers perform in knowledge management and also the problems faced by them in social services sector where the 50% of workforce is transient.

Critical Review of methodology used

The research methodology uses a semi structured interview technique. Two team mangers, hired from an agency and hence transient workers themselves were interviewed during the study. Focus of interview was on how they manage to capture and share the knowledge with co- workers especially when they have their own work and responsibilities to do.

The technique used by the authors is appropriate though in my perspective the questions asked could have been more elaborated like-

They could have added why the manager is facing so many problems in capturing, sharing and transferring knowledge. What are the main objectives of individual departments and where exactly they are lacking behind
The head of departments also could have been interviewed to know about the tools and mechanisms employed in the organisation for knowledge management so that the comparison could be done to find where the gap lies in its implementation.

Evaluation of result presented

The main problem is with manager who has to deal with the entire problem at end, especially with the team where they have more of transient staff rather then permanent staff. And how the manger should get involved with them in short time p when they are from different organisation culture and different countries culture where they gather knowledge in different way.

Other problem is trust between member of team where if trust is lacking far more and more behind because trust build with time and in temporary worker trust cannot be build up easily.

So all this point can only be come up by interview, so I think author has done good job over here and I am satisfied over here with the methodology used.

Authors have supported their research results with enough theory and literature. The authors have suggested the concept of redundancy for the organisation by referring to Nonaka et al (1995: 36) and also knowledge audit by referring to work by Koulopoulos and Frapello(1999: 423).

Application and relevance of key findings:

This article has great relevance in both private and public sectors.

(Cohen and Levinthal, 1990) – “ The prior state of the knowledge base generates a positive feedback to support the creation, validation, presentation and distribution of knowledge”.

(Bhatt, 2000a) – “ Without meaning, knowledge is information or data. It is only through meaning, that information finds life and becomes knowledge”.

(Marakas, 1999) – “ Knowledge is context dependent, since “ meanings” are interpreted in reference to a particular paradigm”.

The article- Knowledge Management in Organizations: examining the interaction between technologies, techniques and people by Ganesh D. Bhatt discusses the knowledge management process can be categorized into knowledge creation, knowledge validation, knowledge presentation, knowledge distribution and knowledge application.

By creating a nurturing and “ learning-by-doing” kind ofenvironment, an organization can sustain its competitive advantages.


This article is very appropriate for the knowledge base as it is focusing on the managers problems in managing, sharing and transferring of knowledge where team comprises of large number of transient workers. The suggestion for encouraging the use of Communities of practice given by the authors will prove to be beneficial as it will aid the sharing and transfer of both explicit and tacit knowledge. Safer practices are very important inchild protectionand caring of the elder people so, effective and efficient knowledge management is must.


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