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Langston hughes salvation

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His story relates to how a little child interprets things differently from adults. Being only twelve years old, his perception of seeing Jesus is literal. When his aunt told him that being saved means ” seeing, hearing, and feeling” Jesus on your soul, he imagined literally meeting his savior. However, in true salvation, the transaction happens will not be as visible as he expected. Real salvation is not seeing Jesus with your eyes but seeing, hearing, and feeling Jesus in your heart.
I do believe in revival and in getting saved. I will not take Langston’s article against the Christian churches. His story is only a reflection of how innocent a child can be when it comes to spiritual matters. I believe that in order for a person to be saved, his heart must be ready to leave his sin and take in Christ. In the situation of Langston, he was surely unprepared. At the end of his account, it seems that he will never be.

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