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Language aquisition

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Language Acquisition Language acquisition is a process that involves many stages. It is associated with the child first involving in making morphology errors as a result of them over-generalizing rules of grammar. For instance, a child starts learning language by first treating irregular verbs and nouns as regular. It then proceeds with the emergence of a child’s morphological rules. It is the acquaintance of the morphological rules that enable a child to pluralize names ending with a voiced sound by adding ‘ z’ and those ending with voiceless consonants with ‘ s (“ Language Acquisition” 344). The process further advances to a stage where a child learns language agreement rule. For instance, it is through an English agreement rule that a child learns a verb for third-person, singular subjects are added ‘ s’. Language acquisition also involves creativity; it is through creativity that children manage to use their derivational rules knowledge in creating novel words. For example, it is through knowledge of derivational rules that a child manages to derive a verb from a noun, “ broom-broom it”, and use it in his utterance, “ I broomed it up” (“ Language Acquisition” 344).
Language acquisition is also enhanced by acquaintance of syntactic rules knowledge (“ Language Acquisition” 346). It is the knowledge of the syntactic rule that enables a child to utter complex words. It is also the same knowledge that enables very young children to understand the word-order rules, and as a result, differentiate sentences. The ability of children to put words together is as a result of them developing the ability of relating syntactic and semantic rules. At this stage, children utterance appears telegraphic because of the level of their linguistic capacity. However, this is later solved by the children categorizing and segmenting words through learning their meanings.
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