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Leaders in the next century

Which of the four leadership styles discussed will be most effective at producing leaders possessing these qualities? Why?
As noted in several works of literature, a particular leadership style is most effective depending on other factors such as the situation at hand, the personalities of the subordinates, the personality of the leader, and the objectives of the organization, the leader and the follower. In this regard, a balance in both the autocratic and democratic leadership styles would be more supportive of producing qualities that would assist leaders in being effective and successful in the future. By using the leaders’ authority, he must be aware that there are traits and qualities that would make his style succeed toward the accomplishment of well-defined goals. On the other hand, by employing a democratic style, the leader encourages ideas that motivate his team to deliver results, as expected.
4. What role does communication play in effective leadership?
Leadership is the process of influencing people to work or act towards the attainment of specifically defined goals. Communication is the process of transmitting thoughts, feelings, facts, and other information through verbal or non-verbal means. The role of communication in relaying the correct and accurate messages is relevant in order to assess the leaders’ ability to move followers into the achievement of goals. Sometimes, the ways of communication using traditional means are often insufficient to transcend a variety of barriers. There is always this tendency to misinterpret messages due to diverse variances spanning from leadership and communication styles as well as personalities of personnel, specifically those from diverse cultural orientations. In this regard, leaders must use effective communication tools to ensure that the process is free from being misinterpreted accordingly.
Thoughts on One Question which Appealed the Most
The question that appealed the most is the determination of challenges confronting leaders in the next century. With advances in all facets of life, especially internal and external factors that affect global organizations, the role that leaders would assume in the future would be critical in ensuring that goals would be accomplished as defined.
Various new leadership theories continually evolve such as transformational leadership, servant leadership, and inspirational leadership, among others. Through awareness and understanding that leadership theories through time have given managers the direction and guidance to manage their people and the organization. However, there is no one perfect model or style of leadership. It is an evolving, adapting and adjusting process depending on factors that are unique to every organization. Thus, the opportunities and challenges could be addressed not by one particular leadership model or style, but by a process or method which would cater to the needs of the people being led and to the goals of the organization.

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