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Listening to a new radio station

It is difficult for me to imagine any greater torture than listening to country music. I believe I would rather suffer a skin graft then spend another moment listening to country stations. Against that backdrop, this assignment was nothing short of a nightmare! One would have thought that since I grew up on country music, I would have been able to get through this assignment. My father was a great fan of country music but I personally never bought into the notion. I can recall as a youngster being irritated instead of inspired by country music and after doing this assignment, I can honestly say that the irritation has not left or dissipated in any way.
Generally, I listen to all types of music. I like to sample the various offerings of radio stations and enjoy variation. Admittedly, my favorite types of music are Rock and Metal. I am able to tolerate all types of music but country music is the exception to the rule. I hate the ” twang” of the accent and don’t find the music to be inspirational at all. To prepare and complete this assignment, I set my cell phone and car radio to country stations. On my phone I usually listen to the internet radio and I have my personal favorite radio stations saved. I created and added a country station to my favorites and listened to the stations for the same amount of time that I would normally listen to my preferred stations. The second day listening to country music was actually funny, I got in my car in a hurry, when I turned on the ignition started playing country and without thinking I turned off the radio, then I remembered why it was on that station. I turned it on again and struggled all the way to work, the same happened with my phone, I turned it on and off so quick! I can’t believe how desperate I was to avoid this assignment!
I think that while I love the messages that the country songs attempt to convey, the music is just so depressing. I found that I too would become depressed when I listened to the music. Studies show that musical tastes and personality type are closely related. I am not so sure that I agree with that premise. In my opinion those studies are not accurate and I am proof of it. As I mentioned earlier, I am a fan of Metal and Rock and most people associate rock and metal music with satanic cults, school bombers and criminals. Oftentimes rock music and metal are associated with suicide and depression and people who are a danger to themselves and others. I am quite the opposite of those descriptions and consider myself to be a soft genteel person.
In conclusion, while I completed this assignment in a manner that was as honest as possible, I can safely say that I will not be listening to country music unless I am forced to. I am happy to write that the country music stations have been permanently deleted from my radio and my cell phone!

Thanks for your opinion!
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