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Literature for children

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Do your children have good grades at school? Do they feel comfortable with their learning? I think that you should ask these and more questions to yourself about your child’s learning.

Every single parent should help their children with their reading. It is beneficial to read to children to prepare them to be successful in school, to develop interest in special subjects and to increase communication with parents and other people around them. Many parents don’t think of how important it is to help children by reading with them. Some pre-school parents think that it is not their job to teach their children how to read, but they are wrong. Children will learn better if they learn how to read before they go to school as this will help them be successful in school and everywhere. Also, children that know how to read well are less likely to fall behind because they will be able to read their textbooks and other materials.

Studies show that the most important activity that adults can do is to read with their children. Developing a parent-teacher partnership with open communication is essential to a child’s learning and both parents and teachers are responsible for making this happen. Parents usually think that their kids will develop their intelligence at school, but parents don’t think how important it is for their children to learn about new subjects before they go to school. Learning subjects before the children go to school will help them better because they will have more knowledge about different subjects than any other kid in the class. Also the parents need to find as much information as they can about the school that their child is going to attend because they as parents are going to be able to help their children with their homework or any other activity from school. Reading wills open doors to learning about subjects like dinosaurs, cats, cars, writing and math.

As the time passes they will be discovering new subjects easily in and out of the school that will help them to choose what they want to be in the future. No matter what, parents may think that children will learn to talk even if they don’t know how to read. However, reading to children will increase their communication with their parents and other people around them. If you read with your child, you are going to give them the experience of different types of language, rhythms and sounds. It will help them to bring ideas of how to start a conversation with people that are around them.

Also it teaches them about many topics that they can use when they are talking. Reading to children is the single most valuable activity that parents can do because it is wonderful time to share with the child. The parents can read with their children aloud and make some activities like asking questions about the book, showing new vocabulary and asking if the children know what the word means or where the word is in the book. If we teach children how to read as they’re babies, they will be more flexible and curious to consider different options for their lives. We need to encourage parents to read with their children at least 20 min.

a day. Parents need to teach their children that reading is part of their lives. Children will also allow parents to be involved in their daily life and be a part of their school activities. PARENTS AND CHILDREN SHOULD ENJOY THE MAGIC OF READING!!!!!!

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