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Literature persuasive essay

Literature in the realm of research performed on the advances in sales and marking and their use would be quite numerous and diverse in their content and methodology. In the different separate studies located, only few would have pned a time period beyond a decade. The most effective method of discussion and understanding the multitudes of studies conducted on sales and marking inclusion of theories andtechnologywould be in the fact that we must first divide the process into manageable segments. These segments are self divided within the research itself. Those pieces include divisions between retailers, wholesalers and manufactures and through corporate operations.

The vast majority of the literature would be concentrated from the year 2000 through to the present, more than likely as advances in learning theories and related studies have managed leaps and bounds in both affordability and availability. This is especially true for segment of educational studies of across the country and there is no reason why it would be not applicable for the current study. The several research pieces brought into this literature review would in fact be between the years 2000 and 2006 and would focus on the ability and scope for learning theories and related studies.

One recognizable difference would be in the fact that literature which remains in the time p since the turn of the century would in fact be the speed, the accessibility and the overall development of systems and the internet itself. These elements, as they become more and more integrated into daily life outside of the learners must be both understood by management and integrated into their systematic processes and procedures to keep the dynamics of the company active.

One of the most important texts of this study would be Manning’s Principals and Practices: Management Today. This is because it places a wide light on the subject and process of learning and thereby providing a huge amount of information on the subject. On the other hand Hall, Statistical Methods is a key text to learn and implement various statistical methods that are of such huge importance during any study and particularly in this context. However, it should be remembered that there is a high potential of learning theories that are to be utilized on occasions and the most relevant aspects of the theories and principals are to be used.

For this purpose one of the latest texts should be used under any circumstances and thus the best possible selection in this context would be the Invention of the Crusades: The Aggressive Approach of Organizational Learning by Tyreman. It not only presents a wide amount of information on learning but also helps the reader with a wide range of illustrations and graphs.

While the application of this study is mostlyacademicin nature it should be looked upon from a practical framework that has been taken from real life incidence and form the aspects of theoretical presentation of a subject this perspective only enhances the entire experience with highly fruitful results. This is why Reuvid’s Managing Business: A Practical Guide to Learning More about Your Business is taken into consideration. It is true that this text is written in a light manner but it sure excavates a lot of information on the subject.

The same can be stated about Kumar’s Win Some, Lose None: The Approach of a Successful Learning Skill. On the other hand Lamb’s Cult toCulture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata is more of a philosophical standpoint of affairs but this too is very significant from the overall perspective of the study.

Banyard’s Guidelines inPsychologyand Powell’s Anatomy of a Sale: Case Studies of Changing Strategies are not directly related to the subject of the study itself but they present some alternative perspective of learning methods and applications and this could be termed as invaluable advantage for any study. However, Prawer’s Birth of Intellect: The Evolving Intelligence is a chief text on learning aspects in the context of dynamic evolution of organization and presents a thorough view of the modern corporate sector.

Methodology Research Strategy & Data Collection Methods

The research methods for the study are a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Being open to qualitative methods of study also allows social scientists to incorporate non-quantitative data (i. e. non-numerical data, such as words, images, gestures, impressions etc.) in their study. Since human beings tend to operate in terms of such data and not in terms of the terminology used in ordinary sciences this broader outlook is far more applicable in the study of social sciences. In keeping with the methodology employed in marketing researches the theories too are formulated and used keeping in mind that they aren’t necessarily applicable to all conditions.

It can always be stated that Qualitative research is a process that includes interpretative paradigm under the measures of theoretical assumptions and the entire approach is based on sustainability that is depended on people’s experience in terms ofcommunication. It can also be mentioned that the total approach is based on the fact that reality is created on the social formulations. It can also be mentioned that the basic target of qualitative research is instrumented towards social context under normal circumstances where it would be possible to interpret, decode and describe the significances of a phenomenon. The entire process is operational under the parameter of interpretative paradigm that can minimize illusion and share subjectivity under contextualization, authenticity and complexity of the investigation.

The best statistical method would be tointerviewlong well formulated day to day working procedure at a specific and well selected location. Throughout the procedure, it should be noticed whether there are specific variables within the testable population or not. These variables would be extremely important while evaluating the basic data in the final stages where the adjustments would be made to the formulated data in accordance to the observations.

In accordance to the basic test selected it could be stated that it could be possible that the outcome would be relatively logical in the sense that it would ultimately follow the trends of social facilitation theory in marketing and thus it would be agreeable with the statistical method and thus a well formulated marketing strategy can be constructed for the benefit of the study. However, it should be stated that there would be few independent variables in the context of the test that could not be explained by the statistical method statements. Here the ethical consideration of the potential customers or the ethnic background of the potential customers may not be a very relevant factor.

Thus there could be some flaws to the collection of the population but if these aspects are kept in mind then the shortcomings would easily be negotiated during the ultimate computations. As a result the test would appear to be a full proofed measure that would be able to define and prove the fundamental aspects and statistical method applied.

Project Plan, Timescales & Milestones

The basic stage of this research will start June 1st to July 1st, when the interview questions will be structured. Further this period of time will be gathered the vast majority of the up-dated secondary data about ourcase study(journals, articles).

July 1st to August 31st will be conducted the appreciation of the primary data collected from the interviews and the combination of it with the theoretical patterns and the secondary data. September 1st until the deadline date will take place the finalization of dissertation’s lay-out and the conclusions made by the analysis.

This timescale plan cannot be final at this period of time because some research activities are depending from the outcomes of other variable activities of the research, such as the interview’s dates that will depend on the interviewee availability at specific dates.


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